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Summit Construction: building toward the future in the Coastal Bend community

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Summit Construction LLC of Corpus Christi, Texas, specializes in general contracting – specifically, in the areas of new construction, remodels and civil work. The two-man company was formed by Art Ramirez and his partner, Mark Garza, in 2014. In just three years, Summit Construction has grown to manage 80-plus subcontractors in the residential, commercial and industrial construction industries.

While both owners were involved in construction most of their lives prior to forming Summit Construction, their first week in business was like a crash course: exciting, overwhelming and non-stop. The partners’ combined 14-plus years of experience in homebuilding, remodeling and house flipping motivated them to take a leap with Summit Construction, and they haven’t looked back. Their drive and joint skill quickly propelled the business forward.

With degrees in both business management and information technology, co-founder Ramirez ultimately followed his passion and pursued a career in the construction industry. His enthusiasm for the industry – his ability to problem-solve and love of taking a project from start to finish – is something he’s proud to share with the Coastal Bend community. It’s this passion, well-rounded knowledge with experience and a strong and loyal team that Ramirez believes has contributed to Summit Construction’s success.

Serving a diverse customer base from homeowners to CEOs of large corporations and everyone in between, Summit Construction prides itself on providing clients with superior customer service. “They talk to us directly. They don’t talk to a sales rep or a virtual assistant,” Ramirez says. “We keep everybody on the same page.” Consistent, straightforward communication – whether it’s a small patio addition or a multi-million-dollar industrial project, all Summit Construction clients can expect the same level of exceptional service.

As a proud accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving the heart of Texas, Summit Construction uses the BBB brand to help showcase their company to potential clients. Ramirez trusts in BBB’s non-biased reporting, “I felt like the BBB could hold Summit to a level of accountability.” He goes on to say that a business accredited by BBB “gives people in the community a peace of mind. It lets them know that they’re dealing with a company that has value and integrity.”

Summit Construction values their clients’ satisfaction at a project’s completion and believes in delivering a great overall experience. Looking toward the future, Summit Construction has ambitions to continue building and growing its reach locally. The goals for the next few years include developing multiple subdivisions on the residential side and expanding the industrial side of the business to the oil-and-gas industry.

On behalf of Summit Construction, Ramirez recently accepted a position with the Corpus Christi BBB Advisory Committee. His first response to the invitation was, “How can I help?” As a small, local business in Corpus Christi, in a community where everyone treats each other as family, the motto, “Coastal Bend is a family,” holds special meaning to their business and its daily operations.