Something New

When setting your fitness goals to become a new and improved you this year,
try CrossFit – a different style of working out.

By: Cody Bibb

Goals are beautiful things to set and achieve. Many of us do the cliché thing every new year of setting the basic goals of eating healthier, going to the gym, acting a like a better person and so on and so on. Those of us who don’t drop these goals as soon as Jan. 2 comes around stick to those goals and see results. Some of us get memberships at gyms or get personal trainers to push us harder, while others go to a different style of working out. We call it CrossFit.

Training at a CrossFit Box (another word for “gym”) is a whole different feeling than going to the gym to weight lift for an hour or two. Here, we train together. What I mean by “together” is a group of three to 20 people doing intense workouts, suffering together, cheering each other on and pushing one another to new limits every day. We do not do the traditional lifting to get big or run for miles to increase our cardio – we do both to make the best all-around athlete. I’m not dissing on anyone who only lifts weights or only runs miles at a time. Everyone has their own style of lifting just like everything else that we do.

Trainers are important to any kind of exercise for anyone’s goals for getting fit. In CrossFit, you have a CrossFit coach there at your box (or gym), watching, coaching and critiquing your movements during your workout. Sometimes you’ll wish you didn’t go to the gym that day, but your trainer will greet you with a smile, ask how your day was and encourage you to do better than you did the day before. We CrossFit coaches are always looking at ways to improve our athletes’ form, strength and flexibility.

The safety of our athletes is always our No. 1 priority. We adjust the tiniest things from a little jerking motion that might end up hurting your arm, or lifting with too much with your back, which will cause your back to give out. Everything a coach will tell you is to help you improve whatever it is you need to improve.

You can do CrossFit at any age. At our gym, we’ve had our youngest athlete at only 8 years old! Even at the later stages of life, we have had athletes at 80 years old! Now, obviously, an 8-year-old kid and an 80-year-old person cannot do the same thing an athlete who is 23 years old can do. With those limitations, there is always a modified version of any kind of movement, weight or workout.

For example, if an athlete is 60 years old, has not worked out in 20 years and is overweight, he or she may not be able to run a mile in this certain workout. So the trainer may suggest to row a mile or a certain number of meters on one of our rowing machines. It is an easier alternative to running a mile. Same thing goes with lifting weights. Instead of lifting a barbell, we use dumbbells. These are just a few of the many alternatives to many movements that we have in the CrossFit world.

Going back to setting goals and achieving them, success stories are some of my favorite things to hear. I love it when members tell us that they’ve had to go down many jean sizes; that they’ve never been stronger; that they’re in the best shape of their life; or even that they feel more confident than they ever have before. Seeing members first come in saying the magic words, “I’m ready for a change,” is what drives us to help make that change, along with the other CrossFit coaches at the Box. We then see those same members, or even members who have been with us for months, set new personal records or change their body shapes.

Just like any other sport, you have everyone who starts from the beginning, and then you have the most elite athlete in that sport. In football, you have the Super Bowl. In the NBA, you have the Finals. In CrossFit, we have the CrossFit Games. Here, we have the most elite athletes in CrossFit going head-to-head, competing for the title of “fittest on earth.” Men, women, teens and teams compete for this title. Athletes from all over the world come to participate.

The process to get there is harder than you may imagine. You have to push your body to see what your best time is in the CrossFit Open, become one of the best athletes in your region, win the CrossFit Regionals within a certain ranking and finally see how fit you really are in the CrossFit Games.

Whatever your fitness goals may be – whether it’s to lose weight, get bigger, get stronger, get faster or simply get into shape – come try something new. CrossFit is something that will push your body more and more each time you come. Here you make new friends, learn healthier habits and learn new ways to improve yourself. There are many locations here in the Corpus Christi area, each with different people and feels to them. Come check out each one, see which one you like the best and stick with it. Become a new and improved you.

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