Making an Impact

God’s Word, the Bible, brings joy and peace to its readers throughout the year.

By: Sylvia Slezak

CityOfAgape receives requests from financially limited individuals, schools, care facilities and prison ministries asking specifically for physical Bibles who want to study and share the Word of God. Founded in 2015, CityOfAgape has provided more than 250,000 English Bibles and more than 68,000 Spanish Bibles to date. Their program is run mainly by volunteers, with one paid staff member, to handle all of the Bible requests.

The appreciation from Bible recipients is priceless. Here are some comments individuals sent in, discussing how impactful the Word of God has been to them:

• “I want to thank you for your free Bibles that you sent to our church. I know the benefits have reaped rewards. Just today, two years after having our teens give away Bibles to other teens, a teen told me he considered himself an atheist his junior year after being raised in the faith. A teen approached him and handed him a Bible and invited him to come to our youth group to learn more. He admits a spark was lit and grew into a desire to know more and serve more. He and his parents are eternally grateful for your help. God bless you for your ministry.” – Rick Z from Spring Branch, Texas

• “I have received the shipment of Spanish Catholic Bibles for which I am most grateful. These Bibles help fulfill a great need among our Hispanic Catholics. They often remark about the beauty of the book, along with the ribbon marker. I always remind them that the real beauty lies within the book. I ask them to pray for your staff and donors who have made this possible.” – VA Medical Center, Orlando, Fla.

• “What a sweet surprise and a great gift to me: I received 50 new, elegant Bibles and completely free on the feast day of St. Jerome. My Bible class will be easier for me, because from now on, my beloved students will never have an excuse of not having a Bible at home to do the homework readings and journal writing. I am thrilled. Thank God, and thank you so much. May God continue to multiply His blessings upon you, your loved ones and your work. Pray for me also. Please.” – Mai M. from Crosby, Texas

• “Thank you so much for the 3,000 Catholic Bibles that were delivered to St. Therese Catholic Church today! I am blown away by your generosity, and I thank you from the depth of my heart that you are giving us the 3,000 Bibles I requested for free. Not only are they Catholic Bibles, they are beautiful, hardcover and have illustrations inside! It is much more than I had hoped, and it will be suitable for a wide range of readers! My vision to give away the Bible to each participant of our church’s Bible Trivia Booth at the annual Chinatown Summer Fair on July 20th was given to me by the Holy Spirit, and I thank you for allowing God to work through you to help us in our evangelization efforts. The service you provide (free Bibles) is instrumental in the church’s work of evangelization, as we are called to make disciples of all nations and to baptize in the name of Jesus Christ. In order for people to love God, they must first know Him, and one of the main ways to do that is by reading and hearing His Word. To get to know someone better, we must hear their words and learn about their deeds and ways. Everything we need to know about God is in the Bible. I pray that the Bibles you sent us will become seeds in the hearts of their recipients that the Holy Spirit will nurture and grow into good trees that produce good fruits for the Lord. May the Lord bless you a hundredfold in return, giving you treasures in heaven!” – Roberta from Chicago, Ill.

The impact of a Bible in one’s hand is truly immeasurable. It can change an attitude or save a life. It can instruct and inspire. The Word lifts the spirit, encourages the heart and renews the mind. May you be blessed today, tomorrow and always.

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Note: This article is dedicated to the CityofAgape Charitable Foundation, whose heartfelt mission is to provide free Bibles to those who thirst and hunger for the Word of God.

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