The Gift of Service

Employees provide 300 combined years of service at

By: Sylvia Slezak

As a small business with fewer than 50 employees, expresses gratitude and appreciation to their staff for providing 300 combined years of service since 1984. That is not only impressive, but a testament to dedication and commitment.

At, we realize that our employees are our greatest asset. We appreciate and thank them for the part each one plays in maintaining our performance standards and commitment to excellence. We know that achievement and success aren’t by accident.

Using a short survey, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates our employees to provide the differentiating factor that sets us apart from our competition. We asked them to name the most rewarding part about their job. Through rain or shine, what makes it worthwhile for them to come to work, and what aspect of their work role did they enjoy the most? This is what they shared.

Learning and Growing

• “I love that I get to learn new things about the company, business, market, etc., every day and growing to get better at my job role.”

• “Being able to experience everything that is new, learning the craft and mastering the technique. I’m in the early stages of both, but I experience progress every day.”

• “When I learn something new, it makes me feel like I have stepped into a new level in my life and on my career path.”

• “Learning new and exciting things about Web design, Photoshop, programming and content that others will enjoy.”

Serving Others

• “Being able to push forward and do better – to help business owners get their company information out there for the world to see.”

• “Showing that I care about what I do and how grateful I am for this opportunity. Helping people and serving others and my fellow coworkers daily, and trying my hardest to go above and beyond.”

• “As a sales executive, I’m at the front lines of the business, and it’s very rewarding.”

• “As a manager, I enjoy helping the employees grow in their skills and confidence.”

• “I like that’s website is helping thousands of people all around the United States.”

Creativity and Problem Solving

• “The challenge of creating solutions that help the company succeed through both automation and appearance. Working on taking the company to the next level and seeing the progress the company makes each day.”

• “Writing a computer script, creating reports and graphs, solving incredibly tough programming problems, when there are no solutions on the Internet.”

• “Editing/making new images. I get to create things that I would have never dreamed I could make before. I hope many people enjoy what I have created for their businesses.”

• “When I’m explaining how this will help a client and they understand, and the praises received when the client is thankful after they are helped.”

Loving, Family-Oriented Company Culture

• “Enjoying the happiness and atmosphere of this workplace, and what I do, loving my job and where I work, that is peaceful and fun. The sense of family around our workplace is what I love the most.”

• “Working for a company that actually cares about the well-being of their employees is a blessing. Upper management genuinely cares for employees.”

• “Our company loves, respects and truly values its employees and each client on a personal level, which makes the hardest days just as great. One can see and feel this every day!”

• “Working in a Christian-based environment and being a part of a company that gives free Bibles and knowing that we contribute to Bible distribution nationwide. I’m blessed to be a part of this team, and look forward to many years here.”

• “My relationship with the Doherty family, and the die-hard coworkers who have been here as long as I have and longer. We have seen babies born, watched them grow, get married, so on and so forth. Just being a part of the family is a very special and precious part of my life. Working in such a positive, religious atmosphere where growth is abundant.”

Accomplishment and Appreciation

• “I’m recognized and rewarded for doing well, and my boss trusts me to handle business when she is out.”

• “The fact that I am fortunate enough to have a job and people to contact daily, along with knowing that I make a difference.”

• “I like it when I end the call and the clients are happy, because it makes me feel good about the job I am doing.”

Teamwork and Camaraderie

• “Being a part of a team with a purpose, goals and the reality of making them happen! Everyone that works here is great.”

• “Love my coworkers. There is never a dull moment. Feels like we are a family of brothers and sisters working together.”

• “My primary responsibility involves interacting with employees on all different levels.”

• “I like coaching my team through new projects, optimizing procedures, solving problems and planning events to motivate the staff.”

The gift of service can never be over-appreciated. At, we look forward to continuing our services to local businesses, communities and families.

Sylvia Slezak is the director of marketing and social media at For more information on career opportunities with, contact our Corpus Christi Office at 888-785-0500 and visit us online at to find local premier businesses, restaurants, events, attractions and more.