A Whole New Experience

Funtrackers Family Fun Center shares five reasons happy employees lead to business success.

Special to Inspire Coastal Bend

Creating a motivated, enthusiastic team is critical to the success of any business. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to make personal connections with coworkers beyond the typical everyday office experiences.

While there are many options for bringing more fun and engagement into your employee experience, adding a fun after-hours event or a business meeting outside of a drab meeting room can transform the morale and energy in your company.

Funtrackers Family Fun Center in Corpus Christi has been helping companies by creating team building events, fun meetings and great memories for more than 17 years. With a great collection of games, rides, attractions and food, Funtrackers has something for everyone. While you may have visited Funtrackers with family and kids in the past, visiting the park with coworkers can create a whole new experience.

According to Kevin Bell, general manager at Funtrackers, good times and competition make the perfect match for a corporate event. “The variety of activities we offer provide great opportunities from batting range competitions, mini golf tournaments, Go Kart races or high-score challenges on games in the arcade.”

It seems it doesn’t always have to be about intense competitions. “While team-building events can be a great way to get competitive juices flowing,” Bell continued, “sometimes just coming out to let people play at their own pace works just as well.”

When it’s all said and done, the real goal is to create a happier workplace. Here are five benefits of having happy employees:

1. Happy employees equal lower costs.
It has been substantiated with research that happy employees are healthier. According to a global health study by Gallup in 2008, unhappy employees take significantly more sick time, staying home on average of 1.25 days more a month, which is equivalent to 15 extra sick days per year.

2. Happy employees are better at sealing the deal.
Research shows that happy employees are more likely to perform better on the job, especially when it comes to sales. For example, according to a 2006 study by Kopelman, Rosette and Thompson, employees who expressed more positive emotions prior to negotiating completed their deals more efficiently and successfully than those who expressed neutral/negative feelings.

3. Happy employees provide better service
When happiness goes up, earnings go up. A recent Gallup poll on employee happiness and service found that retail stores with happy employees reported $21 more earnings per square foot than “normal” workplaces. Moreover, research has found that employee morale and the bottom line are directly correlated. One study showed that for every 2 percent increase in the “service climate” (for example, how customer-focused and happy the employees were), revenue grew by 1 percent.

4. Happy employees stay
While this might seem a bit obvious, the importance of happy employees cannot be overstated. According to a 2014 global report on HR by Deloitte, “Not only are happiness and contentment key to efficiency and effectiveness … they are also key retainers of talent for organizations.”

5. Happiness makes you more productive
Since 2010, there have been many studies to provide empirical evidence that “happy” employees are more productive. These employees tend to work more efficiently and think more creatively. They also approach problems in a constructive manner so that their issues are quickly solved. We could all agree that we tend to get more done when we’re in good spirits.

So what this all means is that it’s definitely worth the effort to create a positive and fun workplace. Sure, it’s nice to bring in a box of donuts every once in a while, but planning something a little more special from time to time can really create a sense of camaraderie and excitement in your team. Who knows? That awesome, motivated team you’ve always wanted may appear with a little friendly competition at Funtrackers. Or maybe a business meeting wrapped up with some delicious food and few video games will do the trick.

“I think Funtrackers would be a great place to have a teambuilding event,” Bell said. “We exist to provide fun times and great memories, whether it’s a birthday party, family night out or a full company event. So making people happy is what we do.”

To learn more and book your “happiness,” call Funtrackers Family Fun Center at 361-937-9400 or visit www.funtrackers.com.