Relax and Enjoy

Looking for outdoor furniture? My Coastal Home offers some suggestions for comfortable, quality pieces that will enhance your outdoor spaces for summers to come.

By: Judy Smith

Enjoying the outdoors? As you relax and enjoy the outdoors this summer, include all-weather outdoor furniture. My Coastal Home provides options for durable outdoor furniture. When you think about the hot sun, UV rays, rain, sand and human use, consider using Envirowood or Polywood furniture. Seaside Casual and Wildrige both offer long-term options for durable, long-lasting furniture.

Do you like to cook outdoors or entertain by the pool? Think about the height of the outside dining tables or the bar height – can you see over your balcony railings? For sitting or conversations, try the standard Adirondack chairs and bar- or balcony-height chairs.

Poly/recycled plastic furniture comes with a 20-year warranty. It also has UV ray protective ingredients to ensure you can leave it out 12 months of the year. Bright colors like teal, yellow, orange, bright blue, red, lime green and hot pink will brighten up any outside area. If you like more traditional colors, you can also get browns (looks like a wood grain), charcoal, navy, summer white, natural/tan, chestnut or cranberry.

Furniture on the outside can enhance the exterior impression of your home when you choose one of the “brighter” colors. You can also mix and match – i.e. pair white with bright blue, white with hot pink, white with lime green or even dark brown with natural.

If you have investment rental properties, think “poly” outdoor furniture. Think new furniture this year. Your guest will enjoy the simplicity of the furniture and most likely will not be able to damage it. The heaviness of this type of furniture makes it a great addition to beach properties, since the wind is not as likely to move it around or blow it off the deck.

Add ambiance to your outdoor furniture with indoor/outdoor rugs, lanterns and hanging lights that have a solar panel. They turn on and off with the light sensitivity, making your patio/exterior areas even more enjoyable.

The price of this quality furniture may seem high at first glance. Let’s imagine buying a “big box” product for one-third less. Do the math, and you will certainly find that “you get what you pay for.” Buy poly furniture once, or buy metal-based products every 12 to 18 months. Quality, great look, great sit and great comfort will bring you to shop for the best in the outdoor industry. Recycled plastic has all of these qualities (not knock-off brands). Buy this summer, and enjoy for many summers to come. Outdoor furniture: Relax and enjoy.

Judy Smith is the owner of My Coastal Home Furniture Stores in North Padre Island, Port Aransas and Rockport. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of My Coastal Home Furniture Store