A Business in [R]evolution

Tenured public relations firm launches with the excitement and energy of a start-up.

Special to Inspire Coastal Bend

After 15 years of successful public relations services, a local PR firm is experiencing a business [r]evolution, setting a new course and inviting Corpus Christi to connect with something new.

Originally established in 2002, Kailo Communications Studio has served clients from around the region and across Texas in the industrial, financial, manufacturing, retail and nonprofit sectors. In late 2016, Doreen Harrell, agency manager and long-time employee, purchased sole ownership of the company.

On May 24, KCS Public Relations (utilizing the acronym for Kailo Communications Studio) was unveiled as the company’s new name, along with a new brand and logo, tagline, redesigned website, expanded client services and a community giving program unique to the Coastal Bend region.

“This company has a long history of successful leadership by passionate professional women,” Harrell says. “I am proud to have the opportunity to lead KCS Public Relations in a new direction and on to our next chapter. It’s an exciting time for KCS|PR!”

Since taking ownership, this locally grown businesswoman has been busy creating a new vision for the company and making it her own, while also paying homage and remaining connected to the business success built over the past 15 years.

“We’ve been working hard maintaining current business operations while brainstorming an updated mission and vision, creating a look and a thematic approach that better reflects our business and appeals to a wider audience as relevant, innovative and forward-thinking,” Harrell says.

“During the development phase of our company [r]evolution, words like ‘connect,’ ‘partner’ and ‘engage’ were mentioned in reference to forming and maintaining relationships. Our ‘duh’ moment came when we recognized public relations in its most basic form is simply about communication.”

KCS|PR’s new tagline immediately became, “When communication matters” – “Why? Because communication always matters,” Harrell says emphatically. “It is the primary building block of connecting with others and successful relationships, business or otherwise. I’m often asked what public relations is. I explain, marketing is focused on consumers, advertising is focused on products and public relations is focused on relationships.” According to Harrell, KCS|PR is primed and ready to help clients build those relationships – effectively, authentically and honestly.

At the company’s recent launch event, more than 120 KCS|PR clients, friends and family joined business, civic and community leaders along with the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the company’s 15th birthday and new brand reveal. “My team and I are grateful to have the support of the Corpus Christi business community,” Harrell says. “We look forward to the future growth potential of the company.”

In addition to the new company brand, KCS|PR has been inspired by a national trend, led by media conglomerate EcoMedia, a CBS Company, to extend upon the services provided to clients by going one step further, doing more and making an impact on the community. KCS Community Connections will redirect a portion of all client spending on PR services to a local nonprofit(s) annually.

“Since it’s our first year as a new company and KCS Community Connections is in its infancy, we will kick off the program at 1 percent,” Harrell says. “But as we grow in service and success, so will the percentage we contribute.” Harrell anticipates the charitable initiative will motivate and inspire companies to partner with KCS|PR not only as a strategic business partner, but also as a philanthropic partner in service to the community.

Moving forward, KCS|PR will continue to serve large corporate and industrial clients, but they are also focused on serving local small businesses and nonprofits. “By providing an affordable strategic consulting alternative,” Harrell says, “we can help fill the marketing/PR gap often experienced by these smaller organizations due to resource constraints.”

All client services provided by KCS|PR are custom-tailored and cover a wide spectrum of communication strategies to meet any business challenge or opportunity. “We are focused on being the premier full-service public relations firm in Corpus Christi by situating ourselves to take advantage of new opportunities in the market,” Harrell says. “Our success is defined by our ability to help clients connect with their target audience(s), enhance relationships and communicate effectively.”

When communication matters, KCS|PR provides solid public relations expertise that leads to powerful connections between companies and communities. Learn more about the KSC|PR [r]evolution at www.kcspublicrelations.com.

Photos courtesy of to KCS|PR