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Meet Stellar Energy Solutions Employee of the Month Eric Thomas, who is being recognized for excellence in service.

Special to Inspire Coastal Bend

Shopping for the best rate in electricity, whether commercial or residential, should not be a difficult process. And with the seasons changing and temperatures rising, energy costs will be increasing, too. That means it’s a great time to review your electricity bills.

What should you look for?
Three things:

1. Unit rate or price per kilowatt-hour
2. The contract end date
3. The total rate being paid for the monthly electricity usage

Once armed with this information, you can make an informed decision as you shop for a lower rate to save money. To make the process even simpler, just let Stellar Energy Solutions do the shopping for you.

Stellar Energy Solutions will use years of market knowledge and electricity contract negotiations to do the shopping for you. As the No. 1 rated energy brokerage in the state of Texas,* you know you can depend on their services.

“Each and every one of the business development consultants at Stellar Energy Solutions stands ready to assist you in obtaining the most competitive rate and term for your electricity needs,” says Tim Clark, president and founder of Stellar Energy. “This month, I would like to recognize Eric Thomas because he goes above and beyond in providing excellent support for the entire staff here.”

Thomas is not from Texas, but, as the saying goes, he “got here as fast as he could.” Born in Kissimee, Fla., to parents who love to travel, he traversed 40 states before making Corpus Christi his home. Now that’s quite a record!

With a strong background in computers and many aspects of technology, Thomas has become the in-house tech guru, ensuring the office runs smoothly as the company grows and transitions into a more digital format. His leadership in technology training is a plus for Stellar Energy Solutions.

However, technology is only one of his many talents, as Thomas also heads the residential side of sales. He has used his creativity to produce artistic pamphlets for commercial businesses and apartment complexes that wish to extend the benefit of Stellar Energy Solutions’ lower energy prices to their employees and tenants, respectively. Ask Thomas what he enjoys most about his job, and without hesitation, he will tell you, “I love it. It’s exciting – cool that [my work] is something different every day. Love the people.”

*Stellar Energy Solutions was recognized by Hudson Energy in 2015 and 2016 as top producer in the state of Texas in Acquisition Sales, Renewal Sales and Gross Revenue Sales.

For any and all of your electricity pricing needs, please contact Eric Thomas at