Secrets from the Salon

Things you need to know before you let just anyone do your hair

By: Mary Lietz

It’s always good to be “in the know,” and the artists at Salons by JC – Corpus Christi want to help you achieve that goal! Many of our talented associates have been practicing their craft for decades. To keep their clients happily coming back for service after service, they are always working to continue their education and improve their skills. These days, you can get a haircut anywhere – but if you want to look and feel your best, here are some tips from the pros to help you make your salon your happy place:

It’s important to establish a relationship with your stylist.
Rather than going to see whoever can get you in first, it really is important to find someone you jive with, and to stick with them! The longer you stay with a stylist, the better they get to know you – and, more importantly, your hair.

“Talk with your stylist about your likes and dislikes – colors, food, music, clothes … believe it or not, these simple things are great ways for us to see what makes you tick,” says TimBo Mack, owner of So Addictive Studios, an eco-friendly concept featuring both a hair salon and a nail studio. “It lets us know how wild or conservative we can take your style, and how to create an experience tailored to you.”

A picture really is worth a thousand words.
When you decide on the look you’re going for, take some time before your visit to create a collage of images you like, as well as one of images you don’t like. This can guide your stylist in helping you choose what will be a great fit for you.

Now is the time for discussion. Don’t like the way those bangs fall? Point that out to your stylist. Like the style in this picture, but think you might want it a little shorter? Make sure your stylist knows. Love the color, but are wondering if it will work with your skin tone? Your stylist will give you an honest answer.

Ask what products might be needed to create a certain style, and how much maintenance it will take. Your stylist will be happy to discuss all of these things with you before they make that first snip with their shears.

Be honest when your stylist asks you what you’ve done to your hair in the past.
“We need to know if you have used boxed color at home three months ago or if you’ve colored over highlights recently,” says Tana Rivera of Tana’s Beauty Studio. If you know what brand of color your previous stylist used, that’s good info to have, as well, since some brands are more difficult to color over than others. As for how far you need to go back when this question comes up, “The longer the hair, the longer the history,” according to Rivera.

Your hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed for your appointment, but don’t come with it super dirty, either.
“The bottom line is, don’t wait a week to wash your hair because you know you’re coming to see me,” Rivera says. “A good rule of thumb is, if your hair grosses you out, it’s probably going to gross me out, too.” A ton of product buildup in your hair can actually cause color to go on unevenly, but scrubbing your scalp just prior to getting color applied can make your skin more sensitive and prone to irritation. Depending on your hair type, washing it a day or two ahead of time is a safe bet.

If you’re going to invest in coloring your hair, you should invest in taking care of it at home.
Not all shampoos are created equal, and the right product really does matter. “I just feel bad for people when they spend over $200 on their color and then they go home and just use Suave,” says Kaetlyn Gonzalez of Crown of Beauty. “They’re just washing their color down the drain. The color really will last longer with the right product; it’s not a marketing ploy. We care about your hair as much as you do!”

In other words, you should take your stylist’s recommendation on whether to use a color line, a line for extra moisture, frizz reduction or curl care.

Shout-outs rock!
Whether it’s on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter or just while hanging out with friends and family, tell everyone about your amazing experience with your stylist. If you post, add an image or some graphics so it really stands out! Some stylists will ask if it’s OK to take a before-and-after photo to post on their own social media pages. Feel free to ask them to tag you, and don’t forget to tag them!

“This is how we stay in business, and how we keep ourselves motivated,” Mack says. “I love seeing and hearing all the comments my guests make about my company. It just makes me want to keep doing better and better!”

Your support means the world to us!
“We care about these people who have become such a part of our lives,” Gonzalez says. “The fact that the same people keep coming back to see me just means the world to me.”

“These clients become part of our family,” Rivera says. “We learn about their kids, their lives, their joys and their problems. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“It goes back to the relationship you’ve built,” Mack says. “We celebrate each other’s successes and just become a part of each other’s lives. I love it.”

For more information, feel free to give the experts at Salons by JC a call at 361-993-0093.