Bringing Home Back Home

At Hacienda Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation, Frank Dominguez and his team take great pride in helping patients regain their independence and go back to their homes in the community.

By: Jessica Dusek
Photos by: Dark Lab Photography

In February of this year, Administrator Frank Dominguez joined Hacienda Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Beeville, Texas. Bringing years of expertise, providing service as a nurse for 20 years and as an administrator for 16 years thereafter, he is excited to rejoin the community.

His previous positions with Regency Integrated Health Services led him to work in Corpus Christi as an administrator and as president of clinical services with River City Hospice. Overseeing Hacienda Oaks, Dominguez returns to his hometown after 24 years. “It was a bit of a homecoming,” explains the Beeville native, enthusiastically. Leading a staff of 80 employees and contracted employees, Hacienda houses 55 patients in their facility on any given day.

Overseeing Beeville patients, Dominguez manages patient care, nutrition and operations. “I hold departments accountable and oversee compliance,” he explains. “I ensure that we have all of our processes in place.” From dietary to housekeeping, he makes sure the staff works collaboratively together. “We have a daily care-management meeting,” he describes of the weekly schedule. “We review issues and processes in place. I work collaboratively with each department to make sure they are in place.”

Also meeting with their interdisciplinary team working with residents, the staff ensures patients’ needs are met. Helping rehab candidates get back into their community, Hacienda offers advanced levels of IV therapy and advanced wound care options.

Benefits for patient care
Helpful for new and existing patients, Hacienda is the only contracted Humana provider in their county. The Humana Medicare program is a pre-authorized health care replacement program. “It will give authorization and can help with a recovery and treatment program,” Dominguez says. “We give them updates and communicate with them weekly. Our case manager will help us set up that equipment at home to continue care there.

“Our Fast Track Rehabilitation Recovery Program will work with our patients to develop a comprehensive recovery and treatment plan that will help them achieve better health and maximum independence. We have a great rehabilitation program with our partnership with Reliant Rehabilitation that provides excellent physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

“We take great pride in seeing patients come through our doors with therapy needs and reach of level of independence that allows them to go back to their home in the community.”

The process
“We will start with case manager or physician,” Dominguez says. “If they need our services, it will be for short-term or long-term care.” Offering IV therapy, wound care, tube feeding and occupational speech therapy, the organization also works with hospice.

“Say there is a caregiver in the community that needs short-term caregiver relief; we contract with a couple of hospice agencies that will offer assistance for up to five days,” explains Dominguez of the services involved. They also provide a certified wound care physician assistant who supports their staff.

Surprisingly, patients’ ages vary. “We are starting to see younger and younger clients come through,” Dominguez says. “Although majority are 65 and older, let’s say they have a hip fracture, and they couldn’t bounce back as quickly. We give them the care to bounce back to that prior level of function in the community.”

Based on patients’ needs, homecare can be an option that is helpful in some cases. “The staff will work collaboratively with the home health,” Dominguez explains. While the main facility is home to some, others experience short-term care ranging from 20 to 30 days. Long-term stays can be months or longer.

Hacienda Oaks Nursing & Rehab has been in Beeville, Texas, for more than 40 years. Part of Preferred Care Management Group, they continue to operate their 110 facilities in 12 states. Dedicated to lead in his hometown community, Dominguez looks forward to serving patients he knew growing up. With Hacienda, his confidence in the organization translates from their patient care.

“[Hacienda gives] us the autonomy for what we need and what this market requires: to provide what we feel we need and what programs we need. I’m excited to be in this community because it is my hometown. I know the residents, and want to ensure they get the service they need from us! I have a vested interest in ensuring that we deliver what we promise.”

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