Why CrossFit?

It’s more than just a full-body workout – it’s a community.

By: Kate Douglass

I have been athletic all my life, but finding CrossFit at 34 years old was a life changer. CrossFit has gained an incredible amount of recognition in the fitness community. Athletes are pushing the human body to new limits every day! It’s mind blowing to see the amount of weight CrossFit athletes can move, but it’s even more impressive when you see how fast they can run, walk on their hands, jump on boxes, pull themselves up on the rings and so on.

As a CrossFit Box owner, I love CrossFit because anyone can do it. The beauty of CrossFit is that any movement can be modified to simplest form and for any fitness level. CrossFit workouts typically include some weightlifting, body weight movements and cardio. You get a full body workout all in one, and usually in less than one hour.

What I have enjoyed most about being a CrossFit coach is seeing the progress the individuals achieve inside and out. Not only do their bodies transform, but their confidence, mental toughness and determination do, too. CrossFit athletes are relentless.

Many of us have tried to workout in a regular gym lifting weights with one body part at a time. Most of us had no idea what we were doing, and we would quit when it started to burn or we got distracted with our phones. An hour on the elliptical didn’t seem to get us anywhere, and following a workout plan out of a magazine wasn’t as easy as we thought.

I truly believe that CrossFit has become so popular because there is a coach who teaches you what to do and watches you do it. You are surrounded by other athletes enduring the same pain you are, so the encouragement to keep going is there, and you receive the personal attention from the staff.

I am not knocking traditional gyms; I still go to one to lift from time to time. What I’m trying to say is that for those of us who need the push, who thrive on beating our last time or who need that one hour to think about nothing but workout survival, CrossFit is a good fit. Many of my athletes have become friends with each other, have switched to healthier lifestyles, have lost inches, have gained muscle and have added years to their lives.

It’s more than a full-body workout – it’s a community. No matter how old you are, how out of shape you are, how busy you are or how intimidated you are, you can do CrossFit. We are so fortunate to have the CrossFit Community and Boxes we have here in Corpus Christi; they’re all great! Pick one and try it. Take a friend with you. You will get stronger, become for flexible, lose weight, tone and get mentally stronger, too. The beginning is always the hardest, but just remember that we all started from the beginning.

Kate Douglass is an L-1 CF coach and owner of CrossFit Gorilla Den in Corpus Christi, Texas. For more information, visit www.crossfitgorilladen.com.