What a Difference!

The many benefits of the throw rug, a perfect combination of form and function

By: Judy Smith

Throw rugs are a super easy way to help decorate a room inexpensively. They can give each room its own design or pop of color to help give the room individuality, too.

Throw rugs come in so many sizes; they can be small and welcome you into a space, they can provide color under the coffee table or sitting area or they can even finish off an eating area under the table.

With the floor materials commonly used in many coastal homes like wood or tile, the floors can get cold or slippery. Use throw rugs to add warmth in the colder months, or use them to help absorb little spills in the bathrooms or kitchen. Throw rugs also work very well in collecting sand in doorways so it doesn’t spread throughout the rest of your home.

Area rugs are great for absorbing sound, as well. Wood and tile floors throughout your home can cause echoing. Add some colorful rugs to help control the echo, especially in the louder rooms like the living room and kitchen.

Throw rugs are great for patios, too. Turn your porch or patio into another sitting area. Rugs can finish off the area and help the outdoor area look polished and complete. They’ll even make your furniture look a little more formal if you pick the right material and size.

Another benefit to using rugs is that you can easily switch them out throughout the year. Change the color to go with the seasons or theme. You can also angle the rugs to give the room more dimensions or draw your eye to a certain wall, piece of furniture or piece of artwork.

Throw rugs and area rugs are very diverse. Don’t invest in new flooring or new carpet if you don’t have to. Try a new rug and see what a difference it can make!

Judy Smith is the owner of My Coastal Home Furniture Stores in North Padre Island, Port Aransas and Rockport. For more information, visit www.mycoastalhome.net.

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