Inspired Style – Ali Choe

Ali Choe
Event Manager at The Ortiz Center

Photography: Michael Giordano
Spray Tan: Third Coast Tanning
Hair & Make-up: Clarissa, Stylist at Third Coast Tanning
Wardrobe: Jewels Clothing & Accessories
Location: Solomon P. Ortiz International Center

My philosophy:
Live beyond “what if” – find joy in “what is.” I am a big believer in living in the “now.” I practice mindfulness to calm my mind and make myself aware of the present, with all of the wonderful things we often take for granted. Many of us go through each of our days on autopilot, with our minds and senses missing out on so much of what is going on around us. So I remain aware – trying to live within the moment, cherishing the moment as a memory I am creating and being grateful for the most mundane or extraordinary things in life.

Why I love doing what I do:
Every day is a new experience, new challenges, new people and new fun ideas. There’s constant change and shifting of trends in the wedding and events industry, so I’m constantly learning. I love the beautiful flowers, colors and designs my brides bring into our ballroom. I really am a sucker for the cliché of “turning a bride’s vision into a reality.” But my absolute favorite thing about the job is the people. Each of my brides chose me and The Ortiz Center to be a part of one of their most precious days (in their whole life!). I love watching the smiling faces, happy tears, first dances and little unnoticed moments between. I am very lucky to be a part of their big day, and I hope to always make their wedding a most cherished memory.

Words to live by:
Drink some coffee, and pretend you know what you’re doing.