Your Health is Your Wealth

Pinnacle Performance & Fitness: Corpus Christi’s sports performance and fitness solution

By: Stephanie Kusy
Photos by: David Olds Fotografie

The best stories often come from when people leave behind careers to pursue their true passion.

Adam Farrell, owner of Pinnacle Performance & Fitness, walked away from the comforts of a regular paycheck to become an entrepreneur. Feeling inspired after participating in a sports performance mentorship back in 2004, he returned to town and announced to his supervisor and staff at the fitness and wellness program at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi he would be leaving to open his own gym.

“The mentorship provided a whole new way of looking at training,” Farrell recalls. The focus on fitness shifted from the typical bodybuilding mindset to a process that dealt with how to help people move better first, and resistance and weightlifting second. His new outlook would encompass many forms of training from stretching, plyometrics and speed development to power development, pilates, breathing and conditioning.

At 29, he made his vision a reality and opened his own gym. “I didn’t know how to run a business,” Farrell said. “I didn’t know how to make money or market a business, or anything about sales, and my idea was unlike anything in South Texas. I wanted to bring sports performance training to South Texas. Nobody even knew what that was then.”

Fast-forward to the present, and Farrell’s trained in his current facility in the Taylor Center off Alameda since 2011. “It’s gone really well,” he said. “There are a lot of gyms built on the business model that hope their members don’t show up after they create a membership. Our whole philosophy at Pinnacle is that if our clients aren’t successful, we won’t be successful. We want to see our clients at least three days per week.”

Pinnacle Performance & Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a community. The staff and its members are committed to an authentic lifestyle centered on performance and physical fitness. Increasing metabolism, mobility, strength and endurance in a fun, safe environment is the staff’s top priority. Farrell and two certified strength coaches cater to anyone looking for a change of pace. From large group personal training, one to one and semi-private personal training to sports performance training for competitive athletes, all clients can find their niche.

Fitness clients commit to a three-day-a-week schedule (say, Monday, Wednesday and Friday), where each training session provides an opportunity to stretch, strengthen and get better. Two coaches carefully design each and every workout, putting in hours of testing to make sure each person receives the greatest benefit from their workout.

“We take an exercise and completely dissect it,” said Coach Nadene VolkoffKoester, who goes by Coach V. “We look at it and think how would this work for a 70-year-old and how would it work for a 20-year-old. We can make sure everyone has a great experience and a good workout.”

Coach V trains many of the group personal training sessions, and said they average around 12 participants. Her goals center on making sure clients achieve the results they desire. “I love that their lives get a little bit better because they are in here getting a little bit better each day,” Coach V said. “I love to be a part of that.”

For her, it’s not just about clients changing their body composition, but also helping people get stronger, sleep better and just live better. “I enjoy working with people who are striving to find the champion within themselves. I believe that each one of us has a champion who strives to be the best they can be, and I hope to help people bring that out.”

For those trying to shed a few pounds in the New Year or making the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle, try the 28-Day Metabolic Reboot. This month-long program offers clients three-day-a-week training with certified coaches, nutrition plans, grocery lists and tips for eating out. What truly sets this gym apart from others in town, though, is the coaches hold their clients accountable. Too tired to make a workout? Farrell or one of his coaches will notice. They send emails, text or even make personal phone calls when someone fails to show up for a workout.

“It’s not about us,” Farrell said. “It’s about our clients, and that they get the most out of what we have to offer.” On average, a client loses a pant or dress size within the first 30 days of joining. Classes end with a cool-down and everyone gathering around, hands-in, shouting, “get better.” If that’s not empowerment, I don’t know what is.

Still a skeptic? Farrell encourages everyone to try a group personal training session. One Saturday a month, Farrell opens the gym to the community to raise money for a different nonprofit. A minimum donation of $10 gets you a pass to sweat, and 100 percent of the proceeds goes back to support a local organization. Over the past three years, they’ve donated close to $25,000 through these popular workouts.

“The community is a big piece of what we do,” Farrell said. “I grew up here, and I’m committed to our success. It’s a difficult battle. South Texas has not yet embraced an active physical culture, but I have seen this mindset changing for the better over the past few years.”

Just ask Janet Freeman, who has been working out at Pinnacle Performance & Fitness for more than six years. “At that point, my 50th birthday was 17 months in the future, and rather than making another New Year Year’s resolution that I clearly had no idea how to fulfill, I made myself a promise,” Freeman recalled. “My gift to myself for my 50th birthday would be that I’d get in shape once and for all, and I’d no longer face the first challenge of the day in my closet trying to find something comfortable to wear that didn’t look awful on me.”

Now she cannot imagine not waking up early to get herself to the gym. “I’ve lost weight, but the number on the scale has become simply a collateral benefit to the fact that I’m aware of and pleased with my body composition – lean mass to fat proportion,” Freeman said. “I’ve reframed my perspective of myself from a person struggling with her weight to an athlete physically capable of engaging in and enjoying physical challenges – both competitive and those presented in my daily life.”

Jennie Dibala experienced similar results. “I was looking for a gym that I could stick to long-term and not plateau or get bored,” she said. “Pinnacle offers the most efficient and effective workouts and they change every five weeks to keep me challenged. I also appreciate that each exercise has various levels so that people of all fitness levels feel welcome, and there is also always room for improvement.”

Farrell shows no signs of slowing down, either. He continues to learn from the best in the health and fitness industry to make sure he’s delivering the most effective workouts to his clients. He even hopes to eventually open up a second gym. With his drive, anything is possible.

Pinnacle Performance & Fitness is located in the Taylor Center at 3636 S. Alameda, Ste. L. For more information, visit or call 361-985-0631.