Stellar Service

Meet Stellar Energy Solutions Employee of the Month Rosie Sanchez, who is being recognized for excellence in service to her community.

By: Tim Clark

The heart of Stellar Energy Solutions lies in its employees – hardworking, caring people who love to serve their community. Most recently, the staff and their family members prepared and served 150 brown-bag lunches to families in our city. In December, they delivered bicycles to Evans Elementary School for children to have a brighter Christmas. More such events are planned for the future.

Pictured here is Rosie Sanchez, who joined the energy brokerage after 30 years of service as a teacher and school administrator. She has worked tirelessly in the previous months to assist in opening Stellar Energy Solutions South (the new branch in the Rio Grande Valley).

When asked what she likes about her job, Sanchez says, “It’s a joy, not a job. I hope to bring the wonderful benefit that Stellar Energy Solutions provides for commercial businesses to schools and nonprofit agencies so they, too, can redirect their savings to critical programmatic needs.”

For any and all of your electricity pricing needs, please contact Rosie Sanchez at