Loyalty. Community. Camaraderie.

Legends Barber Shop: a legacy 45 years in the making

By: Jessica Dusek
Photos by: William Russell

“My grandfather started in the business 45 years ago,” explains Marc Mungia. Carrying on the family legacy, Mungia opened his own barber shop in November 2015. He named it Legends. “I got my [business] name, Legends, from the movie, ‘The Sandlot’: ‘Legends never die,’” he quotes a famous line from the hit ‘90s film.

As a child, it was Mungia’s Saturday visits to his grandfather’s shop (Mingo’s Barber Shop) that became a catalyst for his own passion for the industry. As a child, he observed trust and loyalty in the hangout as a place of sanctuary for men to talk about life while receiving shaves, haircuts and, most importantly, camaraderie.

Mungia decided he wanted to create his version of that experience, building on fond memories as a child. “I definitely wanted to bring the old school barbershop that my grandfather once had. That was my goal – customers, greeting people and getting to know people.” Located on Yorktown, Legends Barber Shop sits at 615 square feet with other barbers on staff. “We service clients from 3 years old to 80 years old,” explains Mungia of their clientele base.

Opening last year, the shop continues to grow in popularity. “We remain steady throughout the week,” he describes. “Fridays and Saturdays are booked.” Servicing classic men’s haircuts and razor shaves, he has five barbers on staff. Equipped to provide services to eight patrons at one time, Legends has become a hot spot for bachelor party services, entire wedding parties (males only, ladies) and events.

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Mungia attended Ray High School, graduating in 2005. He received his license from the South Texas Barber School, located right off of Ayers in Corpus Christi, and graduated in 2010. “Pretty much all of my family is here in Corpus,” he explains. Yet it was the family barber shop that kept a supportive and tightly knit family spot.

“Uncles come by, grandparents come by – my family is very supportive.” The loyalty and trust Mungia witnessed was inspiring. “It was the overall clients that would be going to him for 10 to 15 years. Some have been going to him since he first opened,” he adds. It was his grandfather who suggested that Marc consider the family business. “My grandfather mentioned I should go to barber school,” he recalls. “My first job when I got my license was to work in my grandfather’s shop in 2011.”

After working there for one year, Mungia gained a prime audience for barber shop appreciative customers at the Corpus Christi Naval Base. Opening Legends, Mungia carries on that legacy to a new generation of clientele, offering an array of services for male patrons. “I want to help the community any way I can because their support will keep [Legends] around for years to come.”

• A fresh, clean face shave

• Old military flattop hair cut

• The gentleman cut – “it’s a basic haircut,” Mungia describes. “It is the most requested, and I really enjoy doing that cut. It changes the appearance – [clients’] confidence.”

Yet most of all, what fuels Mungia is a personal passion to serve his community of Corpus Christi. Over the next year, they plan to continue getting involved in local causes and organizations. “The involvement within the community – it’s almost like they become part of your family,” Mungia says.

It’s a place to socialize, catch up and have conversations. Knowing the camaraderie of family and giving back, Mungia’s involvement has carried over into help with the Veterans Memorial school and local baseball programs. “There are these little festivals that go on through the schools,” Mungia notes of his haircut contributions to these events. Continuing on the legacy with community in mind, Mungia has also become involved in the March of Dimes. “I’m trying to give back how I can.”

For more information, please visit Legend’s Barber Shop online at www.barbershopcc.com.

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