Let the Fun Begin

Get inspired to bring your coastal home or vacation bungalow décor into 2017.

By: Judy Smith

Decorating? Updating? Getting your house ready for the New Year? This can be the year you get inspired to update your home or vacation bungalow, whether you want to toss everything and start over, or you just want to bring your surroundings into 2017. The trends are fun, romantic, elegant and casual. Yes, odd as it sounds, all of these interior design elements can be in one place.

New colors and artwork are the easiest and most noticeable changes. While beige is a staple of the color pallet, step out and do grey, blue, yellow or green tones. Do what you like. This year, hues of blue, grey and green accent many of our condos and homes. It’s a bright, clean combination, and it’s a great starting point for most any style of décor. Artwork can be as simple as a single focal-point picture, a collage of pictures or fun, catchy nostalgic pieces. Pick a theme for a particular room, and let the fun begin.

Budget? Yes. Everyone has a budget. If you don’t want to hire a design consultant to help you pull together items you already have in your home sprinkled with new items to make your home become a place you love to walk into, then visit local stores with furniture and see how shopping local can be very fulfilling. If you have particular colors or current furniture to match, you can always order you the accent chair, complementing rug or throw pillows to pull the room together.

Your entry/foyer can become fresh looking with a new mirror, entry table, coat rack or pieces of artwork with complementary rug. Maybe it’s your dining room. Sometimes trading out old, tired chairs for a couple of new chairs or a bench can freshen up this area. As far as your living room, add a new chair, area rug, side tables, lamps or artwork. Color enhances old spaces, and old spaces have some pieces worth saving.

You might love the serenity of sand, shells and beach scenes. Pick a mood, pick a style and bring your guests into a fresh new environment this year. Color up, freshen up and accessorize your space for the New Year.

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