Lend a Paw

This giving season, remember the homeless animals of the Coastal Bend by donating to the Gulf Coast Humane Society’s #PawstoGive campaign.

By: Kaitlin Calk

Hero and Bonita were both dumped at the front door of the Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS), wide-eyed and hairless with skin so irritated that it was bright-red and bleeding. Both received treatment for Demodectic mange and a ton of love from our clinic. What is the difference between these two stories? Hero (a Lab-mix puppy) was adopted within 38 days, and Bonita (a Pitbull) has been waiting for that same happy ending for more than 1,800 days.

It costs approximately $25 per day to care for just one animal at GCHS, and there are currently 200 animals within our walls and in foster care. While many animals like Hero are only here for a matter of days, the majority of them spend months or even years waiting behind the bars of a kennel before they are adopted. Bonita is just one of 18 animals with over 1,000 days spent waiting behind bars for the forever home that every domesticated animal deserves.

Troy is one of these dogs. He was returned to GCHS after he was paralyzed in an accident over 2,800 days ago. A cat named Stink Bug has been at GCHS for over 2,900 days because of his extremely shy and fearful personality that he has only recently begun to come out of. Lily is a Pitbull with nearly 1,800 days spent in a kennel, most likely because of her breed and her tendency to be dominant with female dogs.

As you may know, we are a nonprofit organization. As such, we rely solely on donations from the public to continue operating. Not only do your donations cover the cost of vaccinations, food, water, heartworm prevention and general shelter upkeep, they also cover the cost of maintaining our animals’ happiness should they have an extended stay here.

Your donations allow us to have dedicated employees, an excellent volunteer program, a dog park and other enrichment items and programs that keep our animals as happy as possible while living in a shelter. It may go without saying that the generosity of our community is absolutely essential to every aspect of these animals’ lives.

Throughout the month of November, we participated in the #GivingTuesday campaign. This is a worldwide donation campaign that focuses on giving to nonprofits, civic organizations, businesses, corporations, families and individuals. We have decided to continue our own extension of the campaign, #PawstoGive, through to the end of 2016. We are doing this with the hope that it will encourage our community to think of the homeless animals of GCHS during their end-of-year giving.

GCHS accepts donations of all kinds – monetary donations, blankets, towels, toys, grooming supplies, office supplies, leashes, collars and cleaning supplies. We also accept donations of dog and cat food, which we in turn donate to members of the public in need of help feeding their animals. We ask that you share this story with your friends and family, and that you donate so that we can keep animals like Bonita healthy and happy until they find their forever homes.

You can donate to GCHS on our website, www.gchscc.org, on our Facebook page or at our facility. We are located at 3118 Cabaniss Parkway in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Photo courtesy of Gulf Coast Humane Society