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Applying her medical background, Halcyon Med Spa & Wellness Center Owner Kristy Aleman launches her new RAW Bar – and continues to improve health and beauty options for her Coastal Bend clients.

By: Jessica Dusek
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“As we go throughout the natural aging process, some of the supplies that kept us young change; for example, we are going to lose collagen and elastin,” says Halcyon Med Spa & Wellness Center Owner Kristy Aleman, ACNP, B.C. In January 2015, Aleman opened Halcyon, a med spa and wellness center designed to offer innovative state-of-the-art services devoted to helping clients maximize their potential to maintain skin and body health.

Over the past year, the entrepreneur has been able to blend traditional spa services with cutting-edge technologies, including laser treatments, body sculpting, IV vitamin therapy and facial treatments (laser and photo). She explains that her success has come from getting to know her clients’ past, present and goals for the future, and the methods they have employed in the past that either have or have not worked. This remains a priority.

“It’s so ‘rush, rush’ these days,” she describes of the modern-day hustle within much of the beauty industry. Aleman notes that “listening and understanding,” on the part of both her and her staff, provides clients with a delightful spa experience. She says it is like an oasis for clients within their busy lives.

“Some people come once a month; others move to a place where they just come in for maintenance,” she explains. For some, it is an emotional experience, as she and her staff assist patients in feeling youthful and more comfortable in their skin. “We also have the option to draw blood – some people don’t go to doctors because it is so expensive even though they know, or should know, that reading someone’s blood gives some baselines and sometimes early warning signs that can do much, including save a life,” she says. “It’s a part of being healthy.”

As a solution, Aleman offers this option alongside others to encourage her clients to think about their overall health. Also providing massage therapy and bodywork onsite, she has three massage therapists on her staff. “You are only as strong as your weakest links,” she states. Her staff strengthens the health aspects of clients’ lives with a medical edge. Also supporting her operation, she is assisted by her manager, esthetician and medical director. “I have a great staff!” she says of her team.

To stay on the cutting-edge of beauty technology, Aleman attends workshops and learns about new types of treatments that were not known until very recently, and that have proven successful. Offering less invasive treatments than were available in the past and an ever-expanding portfolio, here are just a few of the client favorites at Halcyon:

• IV Nutrient Therapy (immunity): This treatment literally provides a vitamin shot that goes deep into the cells. Offerings include the Detox Mix and the Energy Mix. For sports enthusiasts, the Athlete Mix is an ample remedy.

• Cancer treatment with high-dose vitamin C: This has been studied for years. It has been shown to slow the growth of many types of cancers, including colon, liver, prostate and pancreatic. Interestingly, it has also been shown to block the growth of some cancers such as ovarian, sarcoma, malignant mesothelioma, liver and pancreatic.

• PRP (fine lines): An alternative to Botox and laser facials (also available at Halcyon), the PRP therapy extracts the rejuvenating plasma from your blood. It is then injected back into the facial lines and wrinkles to support the health of the skin. It can also be used for hair restoration. This process is fascinating because, essentially, it is fueled by the client’s own nutrient-rich DNA. Fabulous!

• TruSculpt (body contouring): A radio-frequency energy heats layers of skin and fat to smooth and contour problem areas that don’t seem to shrink with diet and exercise. Clients begin to see results after two sessions.

Aleman’s health background and attention to her own health supports her business sense. As an extension of her health and wellness focus, Aleman celebrates the launch of her new juice bar, RAW Bar, just next-door to the spa. Its motto is, “Drink. Eat. Live Raw.” Adding a juicing option, RAW Bar incorporates fresh fruits, veggies and healthy foods for patrons. Also offering smoothies and salads, they provide Wi-Fi for health enthusiasts ready to drink up while still attached to their phones.

Creating her own concept, RAW Bar was a niche solution Aleman saw to introduce a place that is similar to a traditional coffee bar, but healthy. The facility also provides Halcyon customers the opportunity to walk next-door and grab a juice, as well as other products that are more flavorful and, therefore, wiser decisions for nutritional consumption.

The idea stemmed from her personal run-ins with health. Paying attention to her own health needs, Aleman realized that she was allergic to certain ingredients and that “many of our food has preservatives,” she says. “That’s why we have IBS and diabetes. Corpus Christi is top three in amputations.”

Future plans for Aleman’s business model include incorporating yoga. Her goal is to help get her clients become active and to, therefore, spread health these habits to the wider community to improve their own heath. In a rippling effect, this will positively influence the health of others.

Strong spirit and entrepreneurship
Growing up in Port Lavaca, Aleman became a mother early on. She credits her daughter with the acceleration of her own personal growth. “I think she was the one who helped me be responsible – it wasn’t just me anymore,” she says passionately. Her driven personality is evident in her success as a local entrepreneur. Yet the mother of two remains humble. “My mom helped a lot,” she says. “I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Having her daughter at 17, Aleman began college at Victoria College. “I was a nursing tech while in school. I worked fulltime.” She focused on general medicine, as she wanted to go to medical school. “You are lucky if you get into a spot,” she describes of the competitive nature of medical school. She says she took the MCAT, but decided not to pursue the program and was, instead, led to complete her second Master’s of Science in Nursing as a nurse practitioner at Texas Tech. She graduated in 2013.

It was at this time she gained additional experience as a nurse practitioner. As she began doing injections (Botox) and aesthetic enhancements, she began to realize what alternatives existed for patients. “I eventually wanted to open my own business and decided to open up my own med spa,” she says. “It’s like a big leap of faith, never owning a business before.” Halcyon provides a space for clients to feel welcome and comfortable as they learn about more advantageous ways to maintain their health.

“You can come in here, relax, unwind and talk,” explains Aleman of the therapeutic atmosphere. “It’s kind of like going to the hairdresser; just lay down, and it’s like a different kind of therapist’s chair.” Aleman interacts with her clients as they share current things going on in their lives. She prides herself and her company on genuine customer care, or as she describes it, “very specialized care – actually listening to the patient. What they tell me a lot is, ‘Wow, you actually listened and didn’t just stick the needle in.’” Understanding the patients, she is highly attentive. “If you don’t like it, you’re not going to be happy,” Aleman acknowledges.

Graduating as an R.N. at just 20 years old, Aleman continued to receive her Master’s of Science in Nursing with a concentration in Leadership from A&M Corpus Christi in 2008. That same year, Aleman continued working in the E.R., learning the importance of routine health checkups and treatments. Her drive and motivation continues, and it is woven into extracurricular activities such as reading and athletics. The business owner has completed three marathons and 20 half-marathons—not to mention five tough-mudders (obstacle courses with ropes, mud and fitness of military sizable proportions).

“It’s as though it’s not enough to be women – you have to come more than fully prepared,” she describes of her experience as a female entrepreneur. Drawing her strength from inspirations that include her family, her favorite book is “Atlas Shrugged,” which is like a scripture that has guided her journey. Psalm 32:8 says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with my eye.”

She shares the following insight for other young women entrepreneurs, as she has been in their shoes: “Help each other. We may not know all along, but there is a plan.” Corpus Christi patrons look forward to seeing what plans are in store for Halcyon Med Spa & Wellness Center and RAW Bar.

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