Stellar Service

Meet Stellar Energy Solutions Employee of the Month Darrel Halbert, who is being recognized for excellence in customer service and achievement.

By: Tim Clark

Darrell Halbert is an exemplary employee at Stellar Energy Solutions. He consistently does an excellent job educating our current and future customers, and he is always willing to support staff on the proper way to approach customers. He keeps his sales quota in constant sight, while doing a number of other tasks.

Recently, with the extreme weather and disasters across the nation, Halbert worked tirelessly to make sure our existing and prospective customers received all critical communications and updates. He kept them aware of important information on how this can and will change the cost of electricity for commercial and residential consumers. He also kept them updated as to when the timing is right to take advantage of lower-than-normal electricity rates.

Halbert worked many late nights and weekends to accomplish this. He is an excellent employee who deserves this award.

For any and all of your electricity pricing needs, please contact Darrell Halbert at, 361-687-4183 (cell), 361-884-8973 (office) or 361-884-8963 (fax).

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