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In with the new: The three restaurants at the Corpus Christi International Airport are excited to announce some new dining options for patrons.

By: Kim Bridger-Hunt


The days of rushing to the airport to catch a flight with 10 minutes to spare are long over. Security regulations require travelers to arrive at the airport much earlier than they once did. Early arrival translates to plenty of time to answer emails on your smart phone and usually enough time to grab something to eat or drink while you wait for your flight in the terminal.

At the Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA), there are three restaurants that are ready and waiting to serve you. The restaurants are operated by one company, and each of them offers a slightly different kind of service. After three years in business at CCIA, the operator recently proposed some changes to give the locations more of a local feel and to offer customers some new choices and new items on the menus.


Coastal Bend Bar & Grill
The main restaurant and bar in the terminal has a new name and a new menu, and it is now open for breakfast. The breakfast menu offers all of the popular morning selections like pancakes, omelets, freshly baked muffins and a variety of breakfast tacos and sandwiches. It opens in the morning at 7 a.m. and gives customers the opportunity sit down, order breakfast, enjoy some coffee and relax before embarking on their trip.

The lunch and dinner menus now include a variety of salads that can be topped with grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp. Travelers can choose from delights like fried calamari, cheeseburger sliders, twice-cooked wings, fish tacos, a grilled salmon club and a gourmet burger that pretty much covers the entire plate. As the name implies, the Coastal Bend Bar & Grill is also a full-service bar that can serve up whatever spirits move you.

Co Pilot Coffee Shop
The Co Pilot coffee shop is located post-security just as you exit the TSA Security Checkpoint. Here you can choose from a variety of designer coffees, muffins, breakfast items and sandwiches. This shop is open early in the morning before the first flight departs CCIA. If you step inside, you’ll notice an exhibit of Doc McGregor photos on the side wall, courtesy of the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. These photos take you back in time to the beginning years of aviation in Corpus Christi.

Coastal Bend Express
The restaurant on the public side has become known for their great burgers, but now there’s more to choose from on the menu. Customers can now get a variety of sandwiches from the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado) to the Cajun grilled chicken, brisket or pork loin. The Coastal Bend Express is located on the second floor of the terminal near the passenger exit lane. The Express also serves beer and wine.

When it’s time to take a trip, shop around and you just might discover that making the choice to fly CCIA makes a lot of sense. CCIA is close to home, and it has plenty of reasonably priced parking that is close to the terminal. When you get here, you rarely see a line and you can usually get from the ticket counter, through security and to the gate in just a matter of minutes.

The more we use the services offered by American, Southwest and United, the better our chances of having more to choose from in the future. And don’t forget there are some new and wonderful food choices at CCIA! Whether you grab a bite on the go or sit down for a nice, peaceful breakfast in the Coastal Bend Bar & Grill, it’s sure to make your experience at CCIA a good one.

Kim Bridger-Hunt is the marketing manager at CCIA. For more information, you may contact her at

Photos courtesy of CCIA

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