All the Difference

Muscle Maker Grill offers some simple tips for leading a healthier lifestyle year-round.

By: David Hamilton

Dieting and exercising regularly can seem like a daunting task. Throughout the year, something always seems to get in the way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from holidays and vacations to busy work schedules. However, the right help can make all the difference.

Muscle Maker Grill, a fast-casual restaurant offering guests healthy versions of mainstream-favorite dishes in Corpus Christi, understands that staying healthy is an important task that shouldn’t be pushed aside, and offers these tips to help lead a healthy lifestyle year-round.

Walk one to two miles in the morning prior to work or daily activities to make you more alert and help get your metabolism going. To keep it fresh and interesting, vary your route or listen to music along the way. If you don’t know the distance of your route, calculate the distance by driving the route with your car.

Eat carbohydrates in the morning so your body can burn them off throughout the day. It will also provide energy everyone needs to survive the day, which is also why skipping meals is not recommended. Instead, have four or five small meals throughout the day to avoid overeating during meals.

Never eat right before going to bed. The body requires activity in order to properly digest food, which is necessary so our bodies can absorb the nutrients in what is eaten while rejecting those that should be discarded. Incorporating green leafy vegetables or a salad with every meal also helps with digestion. Another good trick to help with healthy and fast digestion is to drink water 30 minutes before or after eating, not during a meal.

Limit the consumption of processed foods and alcohol as much as possible. Instead, opt for natural foods, light beers and organic wines. If you are drinking liquor, pair it with club soda.

It’s important to snack throughout the day, but with smart choices. Clean foods like nuts and fruits are ideal to provide fiber and natural sugars to keep the body full and energized.

Grill proteins and vegetables – never fry them. When food is fried, it absorbs a lot of fat, which makes it more difficult to digest versus grilled foods. Pairing your proteins with great seasonings is key to flavor; however, try to avoid salt and heavy fats.

Always incorporate many colors in your food selection, like brown rice, tomatoes and black olives, to bring out the vitamins and essential nutrients to promote good health and lower disease risk.

Lead an active lifestyle without a gym membership. Simple ways to incorporate more activity include parking farther away from your destination and opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Body weight exercises at home are also a tried-and-true method to keep the body strong. Exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats, calf raises and even arm circles are simple and effective ways to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

By incorporating these and similar tips in your daily routine, you can positively impact your overall health and well-being.

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