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With its 20th anniversary right around the corner, Lightlink Lighting wows with the new, award-winning Prizm and Triangulation Series lights.

By: Erin O’Brien

A s much as they love stars at Lightlink Lighting, right now the company is seeing triangles. Inspired, in part, by the equilateral triangle’s reputation as the strongest geometric shape, company owner and founder Mike Brannon pays beautiful homage to the shape in two very different ways with the new Prizm and Triangulation Series lights.

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Simultaneously ambient and highly geometrical, these series are inspired by astronomical phenomenon, Atomic Age design and the company’s signature Zen/industrial combination. They’re also both new experiments for the company in fiber optics, something Brannon is excited to explore further in future designs.

As the company’s newest series, the Prizm takes one of Brannon’s favorite design materials, dichroic film, and places it into an all-new context – specifically, inside clear acrylic drop tubes surrounding RGB color-changing fiber optics. “The word, ‘dichroic,’ is Greek for ‘two color,’ but when you’re actually looking at dichroic film in a light, it seems like multiple colors because it looks different at every angle,” Brannon said. “I feel like we’ve been able to highlight that quality in really interesting ways with the acrylic.”

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In a more direct marriage of the modern with the atomic, the Triangulation features multiple color-changing fiber optic strands reaching down through a thick, metal, triangular frame. Definitely dramatic, yet not over-the-top, the series truly takes the Zen/industrial feel to a new level.

Notably, both series serve as stellar examples of upcycling, as the metal for the Triangulation and the acrylic tubes for the Prizm were originally leftover pieces from other custom projects. In fact, even the guitar strings used to hang the lights were reclaimed from a music store. “All of this was seen as scrap, but you would never know it to look at the lights now,” Brannon said. “It’s interesting that these materials come from such disparate sources, but you can’t visually trace the lineage. Everything is repurposed, but you can’t tell.”

What is obvious, however, is that the lights are going over well. The Prizm and the Triangulation, along with the Vanishing Point and several other previous series, are among the designs that have won a total of 18 ADEX Awards for Design Excellence in 2016, along with Best of 2015 Products honors from Design Journal and EnLIGHTenment. Lightlink will also have a presence in the upcoming TEDx San Antonio at the newly transformed $100 million Witte Museum complex, which will be the company’s fourth TEDx event.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for Lightlink – which is also about to celebrate its 20th anniversary. “The whole business was born back in 1997 out of a home renovation I did with my dad,” Brannon said. “It came out of necessity: I needed lighting and furniture, so I just decided to design and build my own out of leftovers and scraps. I like that the reason the business came into being is also the reason it has continued – both the founding and guiding principles are the same. It’s nice when you find something you believe in, and it doesn’t change.”

For more information on Lightlink Lighting, visit www.lightlinklighting.com or follow the company on Twitter (@lightlinklights).

Photos courtesy of Lightlink Lighting

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