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Upcoming projects and upgrades at Corpus Christi International Airport

By: Kim Bridger-Hunt

Infrastructure is a funny thing – not funny “ha ha,” but funny in that we tend to take it for granted. So it’s hard to get excited about certain kinds of projects even when you know they are necessary.

At Corpus Christi International Airport (CCIA), we are tackling some significant ones over the next few years. These projects range from a major road rehabilitation and a big security project to the first phases of a terminal restoration. CCIA has a critical role to play in the Coastal Bend for many, many years to come. It’s a responsibility that airport managers take seriously, and it requires a great deal of planning and plotting for future needs.

cc air_Int'l Drive Pre Construction

The long drive up
International Drive is long overdue for improvements. As part of Bond 2012, which was approved by voters, this road is the main way in and out of airport property. Incidentally, it’s the only road at the airport that is a designated city street.

Beginning in early August, visitors to the airport will start to see the work begin. Starting on the North end closest to Highway 44, work crews will first do some utility work extending water and wastewater lines under International Drive. Right after that, the rehabilitation of International will begin. During the six-month project, traffic lanes will be reduced at times with the contractor making every effort to lessen the inconvenience to customers.

Fencing in and fencing out
Airports are constantly assessing their security plans and working to comply with the requirements set forth by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

This fall, CCIA plans to get started on a new $7 million perimeter fence. This fence will enhance CCIA’s ability to keep intruders out of the secured portion of the airfield. Ninety percent of the project will be paid for by the FAA. When this project is completed, the airport, along with its tenants and customers, will be better protected by nine-and-a-half miles of fence, additional cameras and high-tech security gates.

The terminal
Most visitors to CCIA still think of the terminal as brand-new – but the “new” facility opened in 2000. Like any 16-year-old building, it’s beginning to show its age. While the terminal will serve the community well in terms of capacity for many years to come, there are systems that need to be replaced and worn-out equipment that is surpassing its useful life.

Over the next several years, the airport will experience an infusion of new technology; some of it will be noticeable by customers, and some of it will not necessarily be apparent. One thing we know for certain is that visitors to Corpus Christi need to see our city at its best. As both a gateway to Corpus Christi and a “last impression” for visitors, CCIA strives to be a modern, convenient, comfortable place for travelers so that they always feel welcome and “at home” while spending time here.

If you plan to fly away any time soon, please remember that CCIA is your airport. The more you use your airport, the better our chances of adding services that are important to you when you travel. And when you drive up International Drive and make your way in to the terminal, know that there are projects in the works to make the experience always better, safer and more convenient.

Kim Bridger-Hunt is the marketing manager at Corpus Christi International Airport. For more information, contact her at kimb@cctexas.com.

Photos courtesy of Corpus Christi International Airport

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