Protecting Your Assets

With their focus on customer education and protection, it’s no wonder that Moore Insurance Agency has a greater reputation in Corpus Christi than ever.

By: Jessica Dusek
Photos by: Paul Marshall

Living in the Coastal Bend comes with it the joys of sea air, sun and palm trees. Yet with the island lifestyle comes the necessary insurable investments such as boats, home insurance, motorcycle and vehicle insurance. “You have to protect your assets,” explains Gary Moore, V.P. of Moore Insurance Agency. “When we are shopping, we are shopping for the best value. We want to make sure we are not sacrificing [quality] for the lowest rate.”

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In a geographic location like Corpus Christi, there are types of insurance specific to the region such as policies covering severe weather damage like hurricanes and tsunamis. “When Hurricane Ike came through, we didn’t have any issues with any claims – that’s very good,” explains Moore of the many Houston claims that took place at the time.

In 2007, the organization segmented away from its beginnings with Family Auto Insurance, offering personal lines, yacht policies and commercial properties. Now, with nine locations throughout Texas, the team is focusing on customers in the Coastal Bend. In an industry that has loopholes and fine print, and that can fall short of ethical care, Moore and his staff work to educate and protect their customers.

“Many times, we will see a customer who will think they are covered, and they end up having a policy that is stripped down – and it could be disastrous for them. You want to protect your assets. There is a risk management aspect to this; it’s not trying to sell something. If they don’t understand what they are buying, they probably are not dealing with the right person.”


Considering worst-case scenarios, the company thrives on educating customers toward policies that will secure their assets. Helping customers understand what they are actually purchasing has provided Moore Insurance Agency with a strong reputation in the Corpus Christi area, growing through referrals.

One niche the agency has been able to serve includes customers who are dealing with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). “You don’t have go through TWIA – that has been a big deal down in South Texas.” As TWIA has been an alternative, policies through Moore Insurance can offer the same coverage at a significantly less amount of money (varying from 30 to 40 percent savings for some customers). The company can help assess customers if they qualify, which is an addition to their ad-value.

Maintaining a retention rate between 92 to 96 percent, Moore Insurance Agency maintains an outstanding return ratio of clients. “Believe me, if it falls below 92 percent, I know about it,” say Moore, who supports that the firm’s “track record” is why so many customers turn to the company to help increase protection of their assets.

Focusing on 30 percent of the commercial industry, the company offers premier plans for midsize businesses. “We take the strategy to treat the smaller accounts as other larger competitors would treat their larger accounts,” Moore explains. “It’s been a good recipe for success.”

Formerly a Naval Information Systems technician, Moore served our country abroad before joining the family business. Leading up to his role as V.P., he gained experience in commercial sales at Swantner & Gordon. Moore’s father purchased the agency in 2004, and worked as an Allstate agent for more than 30 years.

The relationship with a company holding strong policies would become very beneficial for Moore’s portfolio as an independent insurance agency. This provided the company with a competitive advantage. “We offer a wider array of change to companies that captive competitors do not,” Moore describes. “We have the ability to move them to another company that we have a contract with and maintain that client as a customer.”

A fan of classic cars and motorcycles, Moore continues to have fun on the job. Insuring private vehicle collectors, he looks forward to helping preserve his customers’ prides and joys. “I love what I do, but when I am talking with someone about their classic car or motorcycle, it just takes it to a whole new level for me!” Moore says.

Future developments are on the horizon for Moore Insurance Agency. “We would like to eventually acquire agencies in the Valley,” Moore explains. “I’m not sure when, but that is the direction I would like to go.”

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