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Why the “other guys” are cutting your battery life short

By: Ryan Garcia

It’s very common that many of our customers are getting misled by what many call the “smart tester.” Here at Interstate All Battery Center-Corpus Christi, we have trained our team to properly test your automotive batteries for the most accurate results. These are the steps we take to properly test your battery:

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• Inspect the battery for cracks or any damage that may occur and remove the battery caps.

• If your battery isn’t sealed, check the battery cells to make sure the water levels are even.

• A proper test requires measuring each battery cell in order to determine the state of the battery.

(Note: One hour of charging may not solve your problem.)

• We use our SB5 battery tester to simulate the turning of your key in the ignition. This tester will determine the voltage and the cranking amps that your battery is putting out.

Come in today to get your free battery evaluation. Whether you’re going on a trip, you’re just not sure how old your battery is or you just want to learn the process, we are here to help.

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Photos courtesy of Interstate Battery

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