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Physical Therapists Jaime Moreno and Monica Lucido-Clay are united in a mission to guide their patients to recovery while treating each one like family at Six Points Physical Therapy.

By: Stephanie Kusy
Photos by: Paul Marshall

Experience and personalized care pave the way to success. This concept applies at Six Points Physical Therapy in more ways than one. For starters, patients can expect to find a multitude of treatment options at Six Points. From pain management and orthopedic rehabilitation to neurological pathologies, their physical therapists know their craft and carry the supporting certifications to prove it. The “hands-on” treatment provided by the physical therapists, all licensed by the state of Texas, provides the patient with the feeling of complete trust. All patients can take absolute comfort knowing they are being treated by experienced and caring professionals.


“Every time a person comes into the office for help, I think of him or her as if they are one of my own family members, so that is how I treat them,” says the owner and physical therapist, Jaime Moreno.

Moreno has been running the business and treating patients at the Corpus Christi clinic since 2000. “We carefully provide a personalized experience for each individual we see,” he says. The reality is he has been successful in helping patients overcome their injuries for more than three decades.

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Moreno grew up in Temuco, Chile. He studied physical therapy in the Universidad de la Frontera in Chile and graduated in 1982. He enjoyed athletics and played both soccer and volleyball. His interest in a career as a physical therapist developed after he and so many others he knew dealt with some sort of sports injury. “You notice a lot of barriers or factors preventing people from getting well,” he says. “I find it to be challenging – learning how people work and how their own bodies best resolve their injuries.”

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The experience he gained in Chile helped him establish the Corpus Christi clinic. In 2009, the Six Points Physical Therapy team relocated to a new space in the uptown district of Corpus Christi at 701 Park Ave. “I think little by little, the community began to realize that our patients were receiving customized treatments,” Moreno explains. “Patients started sharing positive feedback about their experience at Six Points, this being the kind of experience that lies beneath the philosophy behind the work we do. Despite the diagnosis, we understand every patient is faced with a different healing process.”


Moreno saw that the south side of Corpus Christi was growing rapidly and wanted to accommodate the needs of the community. Therefore, in 2013, he decided to open a second location on Saratoga Boulevard. “I wanted to offer more convenience to my existing and prospective patients,” he states.

One year after opening the south side clinic, Moreno hired a Corpus Christi native to help service the patients. Physical Therapist Monica Lucido-Clay joined the Six Points Physical Therapy family. After graduating from Carroll High School, Lucido-Clay had ventured to New York to study dance at Hunter College. A lot of the patients do not know this, but she is a talented and skilled Mexican folk dancer. After graduation, she began teaching dance to children with disabilities in an after-school arts program. She became fascinated with watching them move and wanted to learn more about the scientific aspect of it.

“I had several things driving me towards the direction of physical therapy, “Lucido-Clay says. Her interest was piqued after undergoing her own physical therapy due to dance injuries. She went on to study physical therapy at Long Island University, where she received her doctorate in 2009. Now at the Park Avenue location, she follows her passion of helping others. “I love having the opportunity to help patients improve their quality of life and get healthy,” Lucido-Clay says. “It is rewarding to see their results. It makes me feel like I am making a positive difference in many lives.”

Lucido-Clay thoroughly enjoys getting to know her patients, guiding them on a path toward wellness and, most importantly, watching their progress. “Since I have been here, I find the patients return because they feel comfortable here and they are well cared for and attended to,” she says. “Returning to Corpus Christi and working with people in this community is like working with family. It makes me want to put my best foot forward into guiding them to recovery.”

Lucido-Clay has certification in the Pilates method of conditioning, including mat work and equipment. This year, she will pursue additional certification in manual therapy.

On a personal note, Moreno and Lucido-Clay are both very dedicated to their families. Moreno and his wife have two grown daughters and are proud grandparents of two. Lucido-Clay and her husband keep their hands full with twin daughters, but Lucido-Clay also finds time for yoga. Both physical therapists deliver comprehensive plans to help their patients feel better faster and to treat them as family by transcending the values of their personal passions into their professional lives.

Six Points Physical Therapy has two locations: 701 Park Ave. and 5017 Saratoga Blvd., Ste. 141 (the south side location). For more information, you can call the Park Avenue location at 361-879-0006 or the south side location at 361-993-0441. You can also “like” Six Points on Facebook to find the latest tips on staying healthy.

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