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Health and wellness for all seasons

By: Mark K. Jordan


Welcome to winter time, South Texas style! Even though we might actually still be tending to our lawns (and swatting at mosquitoes), this time of year brings many reasons to celebrate. From the re-establishment of long lost connections to the re-engagement in traditional activities, such rituals and practices seem to have more meaning and significance during this season. It is a time to acknowledge what you have done to this point and how things are going, and, very importantly, to decide what happens next.


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As we enter this winter season, health and wellness are not only about managing what we eat and being physically active; they are also about a healthy awareness of the many other factors that impact our lives. Everything we do, think and feel impacts our current state of health. The balancing act can become quite challenging, especially if we’re putting all of our efforts into just a couple of the areas instead of putting our efforts into all of the key areas that impact our lives.

For example, there is the idea of worrying about all of those seasonal treats we now have to eat and forgetting to address the stresses of having so many things to do with limited time available. And we can’t forget about the occasional days of inclement weather that keep you huddled inside with limited chances for outdoor physical activity. All the while, you’re wondering how to make those health changes to reach those new goals for your new year.

Rather than putting all of our efforts into just a couple of areas (i.e. how we eat and how we exercise) during this season, let’s be reminded about that balanced approach mentioned in previous articles where addressing the needs to minimize stress, increase relaxation time and strive for higher quality sleep are sought in the name of improving overall health and well-being.

With stress reduction in mind, try some of these ideas for a mere five minutes each:

• Meditation: This is easily done by closing your eyes and focusing your attention on reciting a positive mantra like, “I am at peace” or “I love myself.”

• Deep breathing: Slowly inhale through your nose, deeply to fully fill your lungs (until your belly extends), then exhale through your mouth.

• Reach out to others: Even though wellness goals ae initiated individually for ourselves, we are seldom required to be in it completely by ourselves.

• Laugh out loud: It’s hard to be down when there’s a good belly-laugh around. Try doing this one for 21 days straight – you won’t believe the impact it will have!

• Music on your mind: Depending upon the music you choose, it can readily counteract those anticipated anxious moments, especially if you sing with it.

• Give gratitude: Acknowledge all moments that you are glad to have in your life right now. Give thanks to all involved, to yourself and to the Source of all.

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As you seek and find balance in the things you do towards reaching your wellness goals, realize that you often have a choice: If the options are to strive to become happy and enhanced versus guilty and discouraged, which would you choose? I know what many tell me they would choose. To support that choice, discover and decide what’s important for you to do. When it comes to the wellness things you truly want to do.

1/ Be fully present in the moments you can enjoy.

2/ Consistently acknowledge the steps you take along the way toward achieving your wellness goals.

3/ Congratulate yourself on what you do accomplish.

While we are in this season, try committing to positive ideas that establish, maintain or improve well-being. A positive mindset includes overall enjoyment of the process with mini-celebrations along the way. The destination may be the goal at hand, but enjoying the journey makes it most fulfilling.

Mark Jordan received a certificate for setting a Guinness World Record for most pull-ups done within 24 hours – he did 4,321 of them, at age 54! He appeared on Dr. Oz in recognition of his wellness accomplishments. For more information about wellness consultations, coaching services or speaking engagements, contact Jordan at info@markkjordan.com, or visit www.markkjordan.com.


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