Kent Ullberg


Born and raised in Sweden, Kent Ullberg studied at the Swedish University College of Art in Stockholm and worked at museums in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Africa and Denver, Colo. After living in Botswana, Africa, for seven years, he became an American citizen and now resides in Corpus Christi, Texas. He also maintains a studio in Loveland, Colo. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading wildlife sculptors and creator of public monuments, 18 of which are here in the Coastal Bend.

His Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and his Omaha, Neb., installations are the largest bronze wildlife compositions ever done, spanning several city blocks. Both earned him the coveted Henry Hering Medal Award from the National Sculpture Society, NYC. His most recent monumental installation is “Snow-Mastodon,” a life-size (19-foot-high) bronze mastodon placed outside the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this last September. He is a Full Academician of the National Academy in New York City, and he has received the highest professional recognitions from many prestigious art organizations.

Ullberg states his personal philosophy about his work: “An artist needs to reflect his environment and the concerns of his time. Artistic images from nature, in this day of ecology and conservation, are very much a statement of our time.”

Ullberg_Angle of Repose pose 2 Ullberg_ScentOfVixen Ullberg_Foothold preferred (1) Ullberg_Catching the Wind

For further information, please visit Kent Ullberg’s website at, or look for Ullberg on Facebook.

Ullberg Studios (formerly CC Art Connection at Lamar Park) is now located on Yorktown Boulevard. It Exclusively Features Kent Ullberg Sculptures.


Photos courtesy of Kent Ullberg

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