Ullberg Studios

Ullberg Studios (formerly CC Art Connection at Lamar Park) is now located on Yorktown Boulevard.
It exclusively features Kent Ullberg sculptures.


(Kent with Sailfish) “My work is intended as a celebration of nature’s beauty. Here’s a sailfish rising from the waves off Padre Island.”
– Kent Ullberg


(Cooling His Heels) “Living in South Texas, you cannot escape the iconic longhorn.”
– Kent Ullberg


(Preening Heron) “I’m endlessly fascinated by the abstract sculptural shapes inherent in nature. Great Blue Herons near my home on the Texas coast have been my inspiration for several sculptures over the years, both in abstract and realistic expression. The particular treatment of this piece “Preening Heron” is influenced by the great modernist sculptor, Archipenko, whose ability to interpret the human form into a modern idiom (without giving up representation) I’ve admired since my student days in Sweden.” – Kent Ullberg


(Solo Flyer) “I was inspired to create this sculpture after Steve Irwin, renowned Australian wildlife expert known as “The Crocodile Hunter” was killed by a stingray at the Great Barrier Reef. The stingrays’ reputation suffered as a result. They are actually very beautiful, gentle, curious creatures of wonderful sculptural qualities which I’m attempting to express in this work.”
– Kent Ullberg

Photos by Paul Marshall

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