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Land Clearing Solutions LLC makes cutting-edge forestry mulching available to Texas landowners.

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Land Clearing Solutions LLC (LCS), owned and operated by Stephen Stryk and Susie Nemec Lee, with more than 15 years’ experience, offers a better alternative to effectively clear unwanted trees and underbrush from your property.

Our company takes great pride in what we do and the services we provide for our customers. Our cutting-edge forestry mulchers are land-friendly track machines equipped with forestry mulching heads using the best technique to achieve a nice natural blanket of mulch byproduct on the ground. The size of our forestry mulchers offers excellent maneuverability unmatched in the land-clearing industry.

Mulching results in less soil disturbance and has the added benefit of leaving the soil topped with eco-friendly, beneficial mulch, which helps retain soil moisture and improve soil quality. Mulch is interlocking, so it is resistant to most rain washout and can help with soil erosion, allowing beneficial vegetation to grow, if desired. In addition, as the mulch rots, it creates nutrients for the soil.

Cleared land is more useful land, and it conserves your property’s natural resources. Also, clearing unwanted trees and underbrush opens your property for productive uses and enjoyment.

LCS can clear and mulch areas for wild game, hunting, nature trails, paths, all-terrain vehicle access or even horseback riding. We can selectively clear brush and trees without damage to hardwood or other trees and surrounding ground. Our expertise can enhance your enjoyment of your property, give you better views and allow you to make improvements much more easily, including fencing.

Our service eliminates expensive haul-off, burn piles and unsafe site burns and damage to the ground and desirable trees. Additionally, LCS is experienced in both clearing and maintaining right-of-way areas for ease of access.

At a glance

Tree and brush mulching advantages:
• No burning
• No brush piles left behind
• No stumps
• No hauling
• No damage to valuable trees or surrounding areas
• Promotes growth of native habitat
• Provides visibility and accessibility for lots, large and small acreage

We have experience:
• Ranches
• New subdivisions
• Developments
• Lot and acreage beautification
• Fence and survey line clearing
• ROW (utility, pipeline, wind power)
• Fire break
• Habitat improvement
• Hunting leases

LCS has successfully cleared large projects for contractors, major oil companies and utility/electrical companies. We have a passion for the land we clear and for individual ranch and property owners. We are fully insured. We will bid your projects by the job or by the hour. And we have a Better Business Bureau accreditation.

Stryk is the real talent behind our business, our repeat customer base and in growing our business through customer satisfaction. Become part of our growing business base by contacting us for all your clearing needs and a bid on your project.

For more information, call Stephen Stryk at 361-443-9762; call Susie Lee at 361-947-1358; or email

Photo by Paul Marshall

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