A New Level of Care

Better experience, better outcome, better quality of life: post-orthopedic surgery at CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn

By: Peter Blanchard

More than one million Americans have a knee or hip replaced each year, and annually, there are at least 258,000 hospital admissions for hip fractures among people aged 65 and older. Whether the surgical procedure is planned or in response to a fall or other emergency, post-operative care management and rehabilitation together form an important bridge from surgery, illness or injury to functionality and quality of life.

A new approach to orthopedic home health
CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn has developed an Orthopedic Management Program dedicated to helping physicians, patients and caregivers improve the health status of all clients while achieving continuity of care. This program is designed to deliver excellent outcomes utilizing experienced therapy staff with extensive orthopedic assessment and pain management skills to provide a comprehensive treatment approach with consideration for patients’ individual needs in coordination with their orthopedic surgeons.

CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn’s Orthopedic Management Program is designed specifically for orthopedic management after surgical procedures including, but not limited to:

• Total hip replacement
• Hemi/uni/or partial hip replacement
• Hip open reduction and internal fixations after a fracture (ORIFs)
• Hip resurfacing procedures
• Total knee replacement
• Partial knee replacement

Orthopedic protocols provide a path that guides the caregiver through a sequence of interventions toward predetermined outcomes accomplished in defined visit timeframes to optimize patient outcomes while reducing unnecessary medical costs.

How is it different?
The CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn Orthopedic Management Program takes post-operative recuperative and rehabilitative care to a new level by combining outstanding quality patient care with enhanced communication tools and the ability to deliver the patient’s current progress to the referring physician.

It is a multidisciplinary program with patient-specific data for tracking patients’ outcomes, allowing therapists and nurses the ability to generate scorecards that can demonstrate a patient’s progress during the entire course of their home care experience.

The patient-specific scorecard can track the patient’s objective improvements including pain, ambulation distance, range of motion and improvement of strength. The scorecards can be transmitted digitally through an online portal, emailed, faxed or even hand-delivered by the patient at the first post-operative visit.

In addition, the program identifies patients with specific disease processes in order to assist older people and their families with nursing, education and other in-home care arrangements to help them return to pre-surgery activities.

Benefit to physician and patient
The introduction of the CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn’s Orthopedic Program allows for partnering with physicians to help achieve decreased complications and better outcomes, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, increase patient/caregiver participation in care, improve patient satisfaction and most importantly, help restore quality of life.

This valuable program is designed to teach patients and caregivers how to manage their day-to-day lives after experiencing a musculoskeletal or orthopedic condition that results in surgical or medical intervention. Trained staff works with patients from the comfort of their home to help improve strength and to minimize complications after surgery. The goal is to help patients effectively manage any pain they may experience with medications and other treatments.

Wound care for the surgery site is provided to help the patient heal safely following the surgeon’s recommendations for exercise to help increase mobility. Along with the nursing and physical therapy treatments, patients are assisted with any equipment needed for recovery, and a safety evaluation is performed at the home to help prevent unsafe conditions and highlight possible fall risks.

CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn employs skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and home health aides who work together to provide outstanding care through individual Live Well plans, which are implemented under the physician’s direction and guidance. The program adheres to the guidelines of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the National Institutes of Health.

If you or a loved one is scheduled for a hip or a knee replacement and would like to learn how CHRISTUS HomeCare-Spohn
can help, please contact our office at 361-994-3400 or 800-341-1368.


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