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Getting to know the social hour/happy hour scene at your favorite restaurants

By: Niko Sissamiss

There is nothing better than to unwind after a hard day at work by kicking back with coworkers and friends for social hour/happy hour at a restaurant with great food, a wonderful staff and a fantastic atmosphere. Many find it the perfect time to mingle, meet new people and network.

Diehard social hour patrons have made the greatest business deals of their careers and formulated lifelong partnerships during these few enjoyable hours of the day. Still others find it a treat, perhaps the best concept in the world, to catch up on their favorite sporting games and events and to enjoy cold beer, wine, margaritas and cocktails, plus delicious bar-side appetizers all at a reduced price.

In an era when the economy still has not entirely recovered and the cost of living is creeping up each year, restaurant social hour/happy hour is a great way to meet new people, enjoy top-notch mixology and enjoy savory food all at attractive prices.

However you look at it, there are many advantages and perks for all to enjoy. So after your next stressful day at work, gather some friends or coworkers, or just come as you are to your favorite restaurant and check out what their concept of social hour/happy hour is all about!

The most important note for everyone to know about the social hour/happy hour scene, whether you are a newcomer to the concept or a lifelong patron of it (even more significant than unwinding, mingling, meeting people or networking and far more significant than the best formulated business deal that could ever be composed and signed): Always drink responsibly.

Please know your limitations, and always adhere to an establishment’s maximum drink limits per guest. Every company has laws and rules for their employees to follow to help ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. Always notify a friend, bartender or manager if you don’t think it is safe for you to drive. The restaurant will always offer to call, and in some cases pay, for a cab to ensure you get home safely and are able to enjoy another great social hour/happy hour again soon!

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