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Four ways to continue your fun summer adventures – even after school starts!

By: Sylvia Slezak

Do you have mixed feelings about going back to school? Feel like the summer fun you had will end when school begins? Well, you don’t have to stop having fun while school is in session. Here are four ways to continue your fun adventures – even after school starts:
1. Horseback riding on the beach
2. Go-kart racing
3. Surfing the waves
4. Jet skiing

smiling riding teenager and her white horse on the beach

Horseback Riding on the Beach
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this is a great way to spend time at the beach with family and friends. The fun begins on North Padre Island in Corpus Christi at Horses on the Beach. Enjoy the sound of the gulls, the waves and the breeze as your horse takes you for a ride along the water on the sand.

No need to be concerned about the type of horse you’re on, because the staff knows their horses well and will match your experience to the horse’s personality. Safety is a large part of the day at Horses on the Beach. They are focused on offering the unique experience of riding horseback on the beach to both young and old, both beginner to advanced and anyone in between. It is their hope and desire to help you create a memorable experience.

MALAGA SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 1: people having fun on a go cart in go-karting circuit beach Park on September 1 2014 in Costa del Sol Malaga Spain

Go-kart Racing
If you enjoy being with family and friends, love adventure and get a thrill from riding and go-kart racing, Funtrackers Family Fun Center is the place to create fun memories. Their attractions include go-karts, mini golf, Himalaya, bumper boats, a new ropes course, batting cages and an arcade. Go-karts offer several levels, from a leisurely ride for the less adventurous to the more hopped version for those who need a thrill. You can also ride the bumper boats, play mini-golf and “hang around” their new rope course.

With all this excitement and fun, you’re bound to get hungry. No need to go far – get your orders in at the Raceway Café, and fill your tummy up for the next round of fun.

Wish to share your fun with family and friends? This is the place to have your party and/or special event. They offer packages for groups from schools and teams to churches and scouts and all organizations in between.

Two ladies running into the sea with surf boards

Surfing the Waves
Love the waves? Wish you could do some surfing? Padre Island Surf Camp offers camps, lessons and group events for all ages that are available year-round in the Coastal Bend. There are a variety of surfboards to choose from for all skill levels, including standard shortboards, retro and modern fish shapes, longboards and stand-up paddle boats, in addition to kayaks, skim boards and beach games for more fun in the sun.

These are fun and adventurous activities to enhance your school schedule. They help build confidence and self-esteem in kids who want to take in all the beach fun with new friends in a supervised, safe and fun atmosphere.

Group of multi ethnic friends sitting on a jet ski

Jet Skiing
The great thing about living in the Coastal Bend is the warm, sunny weather and coastal waters year-round. Another way to continue the summer fun is hitting the water waves with some jet skiing. Get out with family and friends, and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Always remember, “safety first,” and that a jet ski doesn’t have any “brakes” to rely on. Newton’s first law of motion, “a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force,” will become real if you are not an experienced rider. If riding with someone, make sure your partner is experienced and practices safety.


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