HR Horsepower

Let’s rev it up to 650-hp.

By: Connie Laughlin

don’t subscribe to Car & Driver anymore, because when you get older, your priorities change. My inventory list for auto purchases went from “How quick is 0-to-60?” to “How many grandchildren and kids with tails can I fit inside comfortably and still have ample stowing capacity?” What can I say? I’ve lost my coolness factor.

I recently went to visit my grown daughter and her hubby. I knew they’d just bought an outrageously fast car. You can’t stop being a mom, and I wanted to cry, thinking about how dangerous the new Vettes are – until I got in it. It was almost like getting a shot of Red Bull and hormone replacement therapy all at once. Oh my!

The new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 brings it this year, touting what many believe is one of the finest sports cars in the world. So let’s take a serious look at our business, judging it the way a freak for speed and superior hotness (aka a car enthusiast) judges this particular Corvette. How do we measure up? How can we be more like Chevrolet and create awesomeness?

Per Car & Driver, it’s the “shortest-stopping, most tenaciously gripping production car we’ve ever tested. Oh, it has a kind of powerful engine, too … ranked among the world’s best.” Yes, indeed it does, producing an amazing 650-hp.

I’ve never been a Corvette person; it’s just not my thing. However, this year’s dream machine changed that right quick! So what’s stopping you from creating that mind-bending strategy to take your business to the next level? Bring an end to boring. And change mindsets!

You’ve got some work to do to tune up your business engine. Outsource activities that don’t fuel your bottom line. I’m talking about administrative things better left to outsourcing pros for probably less money. Spend your time fine-tuning your craft to world-class.

Customer Experience
Does working with your business leave customers smiling in awe of your operation? Are they fascinated with your performance? The new Corvette has so many driver options for such a small dash that it’s mind-blowing. Unless you’re the owner/driver, don’t tweak the settings!

What options do you offer to make your client experience awesome? Everyone has hot and cold buttons, so don’t leave people cold without the options they need from you. How much time do you spend creating new things to excite your employees and customers alike? Or are you too weighed down doing admin stuff and risk management?

HR Horsepower
While some motor heads are stuck on the stick, this year’s Corvette Z06 is selling more automatics. What? Make your recommendation something that clients never experienced and thought they’d never want. Now that’s cool.

Many businesses are already outsourcing multiple functions, such as workers’ comp (obviously, unless they’re going bare), payroll, risk management and safety. So why not outsource all of it to one vendor? Wow, that’s different! It’s called a professional employer organization (PEO) relationship.

If you could inject 650-hp into your small business by economically outsourcing the employee admin stuff, what’s holding you back? Every employer needs what certified PEO pros bring to a business:

• Contained employee cost
• Reduced employee liability
• Streamlined operations, driving financial gain
• Specialized and compliant procedures and policies
• Certified HR guidance
• Safety and risk management strategies
• Efficient payroll administration
• Cost-effective benefits

Find your awesomeness by working with a PEO.

Connie Laughlin is a business consultant for UniqueHR. For more information on outsourcing your human resources, contact her at 361-852-6392 or

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