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The Texas State Aquarium: the perfect venue to make your next event unforgettable

By: Richard E. Glover Jr.

Hosting an event is a chance to make an impression and create lasting memories. It is a chance to offer your guests not only a good time, but an experience they will remember and talk about for years to come. In order to make that kind of impression, you need both the right backdrop and to offer unique experiences. There is no event venue anywhere in Texas’ Coastal Bend quite like the Texas State Aquarium, a fresh, living venue where stunning views of Corpus Christi Bay frame exotic aquatic and animal exhibits that are colorful, vibrant and constantly moving.

The Texas State Aquarium has played host to everything from large corporate events, weddings and day conferences to banquets, proms, birthday parties, business meetings of many sizes and cocktail parties. Regardless of the size of event, the aquarium’s unique setting makes every visit unforgettable.

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Events at the Texas State Aquarium can be as simple as a small dinner, cocktail party or a business meeting, but every event allows guests a chance to enjoy both the views from the aquarium and some of the more than 4,000 fascinating creatures representing over 320 species that call it home.

Options for additional unforgettable guest experiences can help really set an event apart from the norm. For example, a host can choose to provide his or her guests with a private dolphin show, up-close animal encounters with some of the aquarium’s animal ambassadors, a diver-in-the-water show at one of the aquarium’s premier aquatic exhibits or behind-the-scenes or private tours. Each of these allows guests to enjoy a personal connection with the living nature of the unique venue.

No matter how good the guest experience is at an event, a venue has only done its job well if the host feels equally satisfied. With that in mind, the Texas State Aquarium strives to make the planning and coordination of every event as simple as possible. That is why each event is assigned a coordinator who facilitates everything from decorating to setup to catering and even event cleanup.

Also simplifying the planning process, the Texas State Aquarium offers both in-house food and liquor catering. The aquarium’s popular Water Edge Catering offers flexible menus that can range from light or heavy hors d’oeuvres to burgers or barbecue, to a gourmet steak or seafood dinner.

“The Texas State Aquarium is not only a world-class and fun place to host a banquet, but the staff makes the planning process simple and a real joy,” said Pastor Mark Behrendt of Galilean Lutheran, Southwest Texas Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Annual Assembly. “We had an excellent response to our evening from our guests thanks to the staff of the Texas State Aquarium.”

Whether it is getting face-to-face with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, majestic sharks and endangered sea turtles, or touching stingrays, watching North American river otters frolic or being mesmerized by aquatic exhibits full of colorful fish or elegant jellyfish, there is something unforgettable for everyone to see and experience at the Texas State Aquarium. That includes an avian collection featuring shorebirds such as roseate spoonbills, ibis and herons, as well eagles, hawks and even a turkey vulture – reflecting Corpus Christi’s longstanding title as “The Birdiest City in the United States.”

Hosting an event at the aquarium is not just a good way to make an impression on guests – it also directly benefits the animals and habitats of the Coastal Bend. The Texas State Aquarium is a private not-for-profit institution, and it receives no operating support from city, state or federal sources outside of specific grant projects.

A portion of the revenue from every private event supports the daily care of more than 4,000 animals; the aquarium’s Second Chances Wildlife Rehabilitation Program that nurses sick and injured animals back to health with the goal of releasing them back into their natural environment; and programs that focus on habitat restoration, wildlife management, conservation and wildlife rehabilitation in the Gulf of Mexico funded through the aquarium’s Wildlife Care, Conservation and Research Fund.

For 25 years, private events at the Texas State Aquarium have been making lasting impressions on both the guests who enjoy truly unique experiences and the wildlife and habitats of the Gulf of Mexico.


The Texas State Aquarium is located at 2710 N. Shoreline Blvd. in Corpus Christi, Texas. For more information about events at the Texas State Aquarium, please visit our website at, or call 361-881-1244.


Photos Courtesy of the Texas State Aquarium

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