One Year of Success

The Coastal Bend celebrates the first anniversary of successful brewery startup, Lazy Beach Brewing.

By: Melanie Granado

Last year, young entrepreneurs and Corpus Christi natives Jess and Cory Mathews decided to turn their hobby and passion for great beer into a thriving business, Lazy Beach Brewing. In one year, the couple accomplished being sold at many Coastal Bend establishments, outgrowing their original location and moving into a new, larger facility.

“Some people get together every week and watch a sports game or barbecue,” Cory said. “For us, we would get together with friends every Tuesday night and brew a new batch of beer.”

Cory’s passion for home brewing beer, as well as his motivation to be a business owner, led to the couple embarking on the year-and-a-half process of research, calculating expenses and applying for government licensing to open a local brewery. The couple recognizes the accomplishment of succeeding the first year of business and encourages other young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

Currently, Lazy Beach Brewing beers are available at 12 establishments in Corpus Christi, including Executive Surf Club, Izzy’s, Padre Island Burger Co. and many others. Corpus Christi bars and restaurants have warmly welcomed Lazy Beach Brewery beers. Establishments have contacted Cory wanting to carry his product rather than seeking sales, and this demand sparked the need for a new location.

June 6, 2015, Lazy Beach Brewing will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with the opening of a taproom. With moving locations, the brewery has doubled production and hopes for continued growth. “We will have 10 taps and be able to make all sorts of small batch varieties, bringing us back closer to our Tuesday night tradition that started it all,” Cory said.

Although others have opened brewpubs, Cory successfully founded the first Production brewery in Corpus Christi. He acknowledges the risk and stress in starting his own business, but he optimistically looks forward to the future of Lazy Beach Brewing in Corpus Christi. “When someone has our beer for the first time and smiles because they enjoyed it – it’s that love of beer that keeps pushing me forward.”

Cory has successfully pursued his dream of becoming a business owner in the Costal Bend and hopes to have 15 employees within the next five years. With the new location comes a plan for many new beers to offer guests. “With our taproom opening, we have planned a Chocolate Porter, Cucumber Saison, Belgian Blonde and many others,” he said.

With a successful year accomplished, Lazy Beach Brewing prepares for a future of expanding into many more establishments and offering canned beer to stores in the Coastal Bend.


Lazy Beach Brewery’s Taproom will be located at 7522 Bichon, No. 100, near Yorktown and Roddfield. For more information about Lazy Beach Brewing, visit

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