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Lights, Camera, Alamo Drafthouse!

By: Jessica Dusek

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Heightening the experience of film and entertainment, Corpus Christi welcomes the Alamo Drafthouse. BACH Holdings owners Brandon Arceneaux and Chris Hoegemeyer have partnered with Jeff Dinger of Corpus Christi to present the new venue. The expected 32,000-square-foot space is due to open in early 2016.

“We have been following Corpus Christi for a long time and have been impressed with the growth,” Arceneaux explains. “We cannot wait to bring the Alamo experience to town, and we’re very excited to be a part of the community.”


Located on the corner of Yorktown and Staples, the venue will feature auditoriums with 4,000 digital sound projection enhanced by Sony and Dolby Digital. This marks their sixth location for BACH Holdings. According to Kristen Wheaton, director of sales and marketing, “We chose Corpus Christi because it is a healthy, growing city.” A thriving theater experience, the Alamo Drafthouse brand continues to develop throughout the state of Texas and the United States.

“We are a movie theater run by movie lovers – for movie lovers,” Wheaton explains. Alamo Drafthouse strives for leadership in film presentation and quality. The strict no talking, no texting policy reinforces the respect for patrons who come to have a boutique-style movie theater experience.

“We will be the only dinner theater in Corpus – a place where you can enjoy film, dine and enjoy a full-service menu.” Far from your normal concession counter, they will feature beer and adult beverages for their customers. “We support local breweries and strive to have chef-inspired food,” Wheaton explains. “Supporting local breweries is only one of our strong points.”

Their unique approach keeps the spirit of great films alive. Hosting a Mother’s Day brunch, the Drafthouse featured the film, “Mamma Mia!” Classic favorites are featured, including special showings of “The Princess Bride,” along with diverse programing. Featuring older films for the Orson Wells fan, they are also regaining popularity of foreign films.

Preservation of original film is strongly among their core values. “We are supportive of our preservation of 35mm film. We like to preserve that film, as most other theaters have switched over to digital.” The objective is to be the “community cultural center” and “film hub for entertainment,” Wheaton says.

“We truly are a neighborhood theater … We like to be involved in the community.” Their featured Drafthouse Films series will expose the Corpus Christi market to independent films, artful expressions beyond blockbuster must-sees.

San Antonio Alamo Drafthouse customers have shown positive feedback in this category. Wheaton describes the independent film presence in one market: “We are highlighting San Antonio filmmakers. We will do a run on films for the filmmakers.” Supporting independent film projects will create opportunity to expand the thought-provoking content for Corpus Christi customers.

The Drafthouse will also expand into the community, as the venue will be available for causes and local organizations. “If a school comes to ask for support for a silent auction, we will say yes!” Family programs have been modeled into the Alamo Drafthouse’s business approach. Not only serving adults engaging in new and different experiences, the Drafthouse also provides accommodations for family and kids by offering daytime showings. Alamo Kids Club also plays a part in the family focus, accommodating the little ones. Their delegated Baby Day screenings provides a thoughtful approach for mothers or fathers to enjoy films with their infants.

Patrons also enjoy party time! Action Pack screenings are an interactive way to engage the crowd. The audience is handed props such as inflatable swords glow sticks or wearable pieces that coincide with the movie theme. A host guides them through the experience. The room is filled with laughter. “Pitch Perfect” sing-alongs and “Big Lebowski” quote-alongs are among these interactive experiences.

With a fun-loving and comedic approach, Alamo Drafthouse provides memorable experiences that get the crowd to open up, get out of their comfort zones and join the spirit of the Drafthouse. Look out, Corpus Christi!


To learn more about the Alamo Drafthouse, visit for the latest showings, film reviews, movie madness and more.

Photos Courtesy of Bach Holdings, LLC. dba Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

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