The Bigger Picture

Health and wellness: how something so big is so much easier when made small

By: Mark Jordan

We are well into 2015! How many of us had wellness goals in mind when we made New Year’s resolutions a few months ago? How many of us had plans to achieve those goals? How many are still on track with those plans? How many are not? Come to think of it, how many really know what I’m talking about when I say the word, “wellness”?

As an avid exercise and health enthusiast (for more than 40 years) who has been involved in the wellness industry for the last six years, I plan to provide a series of insights designed to help you better understand what wellness is and what it can provide for your health, outlook and overall sense of purpose and well-being.

Wellness is about more than diet and exercise. Many believe that if one has a handle on physical and nutritional modifications, everything else falls into place – yet every year, we start with good intentions toward diet and exercise, and many of us fall short. In falling short, we may think that things should be done differently next time, but what about addressing more than just diet and exercise? Thinking that it only takes physical and nutritional preparation to reach your potential can often result in falling short of your goals, without completely understanding why.

Maybe bringing other factors into the picture could allow you to have more tools for the bigger picture that defines wellness.

We can do “anything” – for three weeks
I have always believed that if you have an end in sight, many things are possible. Another way of putting it is to imagine being able to “see the light at the end of the tunnel” for each endeavor you encounter – even if you have to make that endeavor shorter to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
As an example, when I talk with people about what I do for nutrition, I break it down into small time units. I say that I can do any nutrition routine for three weeks. Once I’ve achieved that “mini goal,” I say that I can repeat what I just did for another three weeks because I know how it feels and I know the results it gives me. Taking it in three-week intervals allows you to make the initial changes you need to make, without having to see the change as the first day lasting the rest of your life, with no end in sight.

So when we consider that wellness involves more than diet and exercise to improve our overall well-being and consider an initial plan lasting three weeks, you can see the total plan as a series of three-week intervals. These series or steps can become much easier to manage than one life-long plan. The light at the end of the tunnel is seen after each three-week cycle and it makes the entire time (e.g. nine to 12 weeks) more manageable and practical.

Where the mind is, the body will be, and where the mind and the heart go, the body will follow
The mental and emotional parts are critical when reaching goals that are new, especially those that are considered unreachable or out-of-this-world. Let’s face it: None of us have physical bodies that are actively performing 24 hours a day, yet our minds never shut down. When you think about it, our minds and emotions are in awareness mode at all times. I believe it’s just a matter of channeling that awareness in a positive direction to allow your physical body to reach the desired goal.

Have fun and congratulate yourself on your achievement each step of the way. Remember that the Internet provides access to delicious and healthy recipes. Make your three weeks interesting!

In upcoming issues, I will provide experience-based benefits related to the use of three-week cycles (or intervals or steps) in the areas of physical, emotional and overall well-being, so stay tuned. And remember: You can do almost “anything” if it’s only going to last three weeks!


Mark Jordan recently attempted to set a new record by doing 4,321 pull-ups within 24 hours at age 54! For more information about wellness consultations, meetings and presentations, contact Jordan at or visit

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