Make the Smart Choice

The dangers of rideshare companies, and the safest way to attend to your transportation needs

By: Anton Kindzirsky


Lately there has been a lot of talk about Uber and Lyft and how they rival with the taxi industry to bring a better service to the customer – but do they really bring better service? Neither Uber nor Lyft consider themselves transportation companies. According to them, they are technology companies. That means there is no customer service provided through the company if something goes wrong.

For example, if people leave their cell phone in a car, they might as well go buy a new one because there is no chance to contact the driver. If there is an accident, and you, a customer, are injured, good luck fighting the drivers’ private insurance for your injuries. In order to use the service, your credit card and personal information must be on file with the company. Then they use that information to data mine where you shop, where you eat and your spending habits, and they sell that information to third parties.

Corpus Christi, along with many other cities, has implemented stings, arrested drivers and impounded vehicles because rideshare companies are operating illegally. Their drivers do not go through extensive screening processes such as criminal background checks, driving record checks and drug screenings to be qualified drivers. Amongst many other issues, these rideshare companies do not posses commercial insurance, which is necessary to cover all parties involved in an accident. Nor do they have a local office – or any office at all – where customers can voice their concerns if any issues arise.

There have been many criminal concerns with these rideshare companies, as well, which involve assaults, robberies and rapes. Customers going from point A to point B should not be concerned about such heinous criminal acts.

In order to compete with ride share companies and in the transportation industry, the taxi industry is encouraging cab companies to develop apps to compete in the industry. Express Cab, for example, is in process of rolling out a brand-new app to rival the rideshare companies. This app will allow customers to get in touch with the closest available taxi, which they can see on a GPS with estimated time of arrival. Customers can also schedule pickups, pick the size of the vehicle and make any other requests within 30 seconds. In addition, Express Cab offers in-car Wi-Fi and complimentary bottled water all at standard rates ($2.50 a mile and a $2.50 initial fee when getting into the cab).

So next time you are in need of transportation, make the safe choice and call a taxi. All taxi companies in the Coastal Bend area are locally owned and operated, so you can support local business.


Express Cab and Elite Express Part Buses and Limos are veteran owned and locally operated. For more information, check us out at or, or call us anytime at 361-850-0633 or 361-960-9222.





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