Easter Treat

Colorful marbled eggs: an easy way to get fun and festive

By: Mandy Ashcraft
Photo by: Dustin Ashcraft


Whether you’re just looking to brighten up your protein sources, to make a kid-friendly lunchbox snack or to impress guests at an Easter party, colorful marbled eggs will do the job! They’re easy to do, and they are a simple and colorful version of the beautiful traditional Chinese tea egg. This makes six marbled eggs. Note: These make great festive deviled eggs!

6 eggs
Desired food coloring

1/ Place 6 eggs in a pot and cover with cold water, allowing about an inch of water above the eggs.

2/ Heat uncovered to a rolling boil over high heat. Cover and immediately remove from heat. Allow to stand for 15 minutes.

3/ Slowly pour hot water out of pot and fill with cold water to cool down. With the back of a metal spoon, gently shatter the eggshells without removing any of the pieces. You want them to look like broken glass, but don’t remove any of the shell.

4/ Using bowls of water and approximately 15 drops of food coloring per bowl, place eggs carefully until completely submerged.

5/ Leave in the water for several hours or overnight to get the most colorful effect.

6/ Slowly peel the broken pieces of shell away from the eggs starting at the bottom to reveal your beautiful marbled eggs.


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