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Author Marc Clark and the Ready or Not Foundation announce the launch of “The Royal Fables: Stories from the Princes and Princesses of the Texas Children’s Hospital.”

By: Alana Seal

Author Marc Clark and the Ready or Not Foundation teamed up with Texas Children’s Cancer Center over the summer. Children submitted story ideas for a new book, “The Royal Fables: Stories from the Princes and Princesses of the Texas Children’s Hospital.” This is the second book for Clark, and all the proceeds will go to the Ready or Not Foundation to fund brain cancer research for the hospital. The Texas Children’s Hospital’s child contributors are:

• Brinley Pirtle
• Chaderick Adams
• Alejandro Araque
• Alekzy Rodriguez
• Brooke Hester

Clark has been on an incredible journey with his first self-published book this year. The book has been awarded a total of eight writing and illustrating awards in the past five months, including Best Children’s Book at the 2014 Beach Book Festival. For the past 22 consecutive weeks, at the time of print, the book has been in the top 100 Kindle Store for children’s e-books. The paperback edition has hit the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller list eight times. Since its launch, “The Royal Fables” has hit No. 5 on Amazon’s Bestseller list and has remained on the Amazon Hot New Releases.

The Ready or Not Foundation was started in 2006 after the founder, Barbara Canales’s, daughter, Jackie, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 anaplastic astrocytoma, one of the most lethal of diseases for children. Today, Jackie is in remission after going through many tough rounds of treatment.

In the past 30 years, brain cancer has remained an enigma, as research efforts have been poorly funded. The Ready or Not Foundation gives 100 percent of every dollar donated to pediatric brain cancer research. More importantly, through matching grants, they turn every dollar donated into two.

“The Royal Fables” is a collection of five inspirational stories full of adventure, fantasy and humor for children who want to create their own happy endings. Clark was inspired to write “The Royal Fables” after hearing about Jackie Black’s story. It’s always been a strong desire of his to find a way to contribute in an impactful and meaningful way.

Clark currently resides in Manhattan. He is an award-winning author and writer/producer of more than 2,000 commercials and television content, as well as the HBO Family Series, “30 x 30 Kid Flicks.”

Marc Clark and Barbara Canales are available for interviews and appearances. For book presentations, media appearances, interviews and/or book signings, contact Alana Seal, publicist, at 361-815-9828 or To learn more about “The Royal Fables,” visit And for information regarding “The Princess Fables,” visit

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