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Aanayeli Ruiz

Local News Reporter

A little bit about me:
I was born in Mexico City, but I came to the United States with my parents when I was little. They came to the United States with a dream that their daughters would be successful, strong women. They wanted to make sure my sister and I had the best opportunities in this world to succeed. I lived in Houston most of my life, but still hold my Mexican roots very dearly to my heart. I went to the University of Houston and graduated with honors, and have a bachelor’s in communications and a bachelor’s in Spanish.

Why do I love what I do?
It honestly feels surreal waking up each day and realizing that I am a reporter. People say you are at the right place when you wake up and it doesn’t feel like work. That’s how I feel every day when I wake up. My dream was always to be a reporter. Ever since I can remember, the only thing I wanted to do in life was become a TV reporter.

While in college, one of my assignments was to pick an issue in the community and do a story on it.  I remember I met a lady at a local protest who worked as a janitor. She had four young daughters and was a single mother, but the janitorial company had recently cut her hours, and now, she didn’t qualify for benefits. During this time, she was diagnosed with cancer and had nothing to fall back on. I remember interviewing her for my college assignment. And I never will forget how empowering it felt to be able to help a person in need – to be able to give a voice to those who are otherwise are not heard. This is why I love what I do.

I have the power to help people, to bring justice to the unjust and to report stories that affect the community. It has been an amazing adventure! I have met the most wonderful people along the way. At this moment in my life, I can’t picture myself doing anything else in this world. I love what I do. It hasn’t been easy! It’s been a lot of hard work – a lot of people telling me I would never become a reporter … But all my tears, struggles and hardships have paid off. I am living the dream! And I am blessed to continue on this path!

Words to live by:
One day, you will wake up, and there won’t be any more time to do what you wanted. Do it now!

My philosophy:
Always remember to see life in whatever form it takes and in whatever circumstance it exists. No matter it life goes up or down, sweet and sour, simple, difficult or whatever happens, just enjoy it, and enjoy the ride. Just be happy nothing is unimportant when you fully appreciate how it makes you feel.

There is great meaning to be found and felt – just listen, taste, hear, give, understand, work, play, travel and love. And more importantly, always put God first.

Hair and Makeup: Hair Peace Salon
Photography: Dustin Ashcraft
Wardrobe: Bella Jewel
Location: Bella Jewel

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