Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Smoothie King Corpus Christi challenges you to achieve your personal goals by joining the Smoothie King Eight-Week Fitness Challenge 2015 – our way of keeping Corpus Christi healthy and active.

Special to Inspire Coastal Bend

The 3rd Annual Fitness Challenge will begin Jan. 5 and end Feb. 27, 2015. The challenge will be judged on most improved physique and body fat percentage lost. Photos of participants will be taken at the beginning and after the challenge.

First, second and third prizes for both men and women will be awarded. Smoothie King Corpus Christi will provide all participants with a discount card to Smoothie King for unlimited use during the duration of the challenge.

Do you think you can survive this eight-week challenge? Come join us! Open enrollment starts on Jan. 5, 2015!

Daniel DeLeon1_web

Daniel DeLeon:
I was introduced to SK a couple of years back and immediately loved that they were not only providing supplements, but awesome clean/healthy smoothies for people who need that quick meal replacement on the go.

As a trainer and as a (NPC) men’s physique competitor, I not only recommend their smoothies and supplements to my clientele, but follow my business motto: “Don’t talk about it; be about it!” I have a smoothie for breakfast at least five times a week and use their pre-workout drink on a daily basis.

I’m very proud to be sponsored by such a great organization who puts their customers (myself and my clients) first and will always be the king because of it!

Trey Lopez_web

Trey Lopez:
About four years ago, I needed a lifestyle change due to poor nutritional habits. I was working in the oilfield and was consumed by the lifestyle of working for months at a time with long hours and no time for rest; I knew that life wasn’t for me. I reached out to a lifelong friend of mine, Donovon Villarreal (current manager of Smoothie King), to help me get on the right track. With the guidance of the Smoothie King staff, my personal dedication and my perseverance, I was able to transform my body with the help of supplements and clean/healthy smoothies for a quick meal replacement on the go.

I am now a trainer and a national physique competitor (NPC). I not only recommend the smoothies and supplements to my clientele, but they are a staple in my daily nutrition, as well. I’m a humbled and proud sponsored athlete/trainer of Smoothie King and am blessed to be part of such an amazing franchise that genuinely cares about transforming the individual.

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