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Home & Garden by Ethan Allen extends your livable square footage with quality outdoor furniture in four timeless collections.

By: Amanda Butchee

Living in an area where the climate allows us to enjoy the outdoors year-round is such a luxury … at least it is in my opinion. I come from Oklahoma (a place where you can experience very dry, hot summers and some pretty frigid, sometimes too white, winters), and for me, the ability to be outside on any given day, basically 365 days a year, sounds nice for a change.

My wonderful husband, Brodie, and I, along with our happy-go-lucky pup, Collins (she’s an adorable 3-year-old mini aussie), moved here this past July, and we are very much looking forward to a nice, mild 60-degree winter where we can still cook on the grill or cozy up on the back porch with our morning coffee (well, steamed milk for me) and a soft blanket; listen to the soothing songs of the chirping birds and the trickling water from the sprinklers (because we all know watering the yard is a never-ending process if we want to achieve that thick, lush, green grass we so desperately desire); and watch Collins play around in the backyard.

There are a number of factors that bring us outside on a regular basis: pets and children’s play/exercise/fresh-air time, events like birthday parties and barbecues, the relaxation of taking in nature’s beautiful wonders or reading that book you never seem to have the time to read and enjoying leisure activities such as swimming and gardening and landscaping. If we are going to be spending as much of our time outside as we do inside, why not make our outside space(s) a desirable place to be and invest in quality, all-weather furniture to create invitingly comfortable, yet stylish outdoor living spaces?

Ethan Allen’s well-designed Home & Garden furniture, along with complimentary design services provided by a staff of professional interior designers, can help you achieve beautifully functional outdoor living spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Whether you need a simple outdoor conversational living space or a grand entertaining area with conversation, dining and cocktail zones, pool-side lounging or even lovely little sitting vignettes throughout your garden, Ethan Allen has great design, style and color options to suit your every need and want.

Ethan Allen offers four home and garden collections engineered for durability, each with its own distinct style, while still being versatile enough that you can mix and match various pieces from one collection with pieces from another.

Starting with our most flexible collection, Biscayne features a simply clean modern “X” design detail on each piece, creating a stunning, timeless look. Biscayne is constructed from cast aluminum because of its nonreactive qualities, and it is finished with a one-coat powder finish in your choice of bronze, onyx or graphite.

We also have two collections constructed from a recyclable polyethylene woven material fortified with UV stabilizers and mildew inhibitors, which is applied to sturdy, rust-proof, aluminum frames: Lakehouse and Portico. Lakehouse has more of an open-weave that resembles the wicker styling with a braided trim detail for an updated traditional look. Portico has a tight, bold weave that lends the collection a smooth, casual look.

Ethan Allen’s newest introduction to Home & Garden is Millbrook. Millbrook is our beautifully designed teak collection. Teak is naturally a very strong and resilient hardwood with a reddish tone that will turn to a rich gray patina over time when exposed to the elements. But no worries: This is a natural characteristic that does not affect its strength and can be prevented, reversed or embraced; it’s your personal preference.

All of our indoor/outdoor frames are accompanied with cushions constructed from antimicrobial foam cores wrapped in polyester fiber, which are then encased in a water-resistant ticking. With Ethan Allen’s selection of performance fabrics, cushions are a great way to make a fun statement or keep it subtle. Add pops of color and pattern with throw pillows, accents and flowers.

Indoor/outdoor rugs are also a great way to add some flair; they serve much the same purpose as they do indoors by adding a layer of comfort for standing and walking and anchoring the space by defining the perimeter.

Outside, there are no walls to form boundaries for various areas serving different purposes; as such, it is important to create those boundaries with a rug, a row of hedges or just the orientation of the furniture. Creating boundaries not only designates a specific area for a particular activity, but it also establishes traffic patterns that create flow.

Creating a cohesive outdoor living space can and should take as much thought and planning as the rooms inside your home. It is an extension of your home, and it will add value not only to your home, but to your life, as well. Not sure you can take on such a project on your own? Come in and take advantage of Ethan Allen’s complimentary design services.

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