From Poolside to Polished

Follow our advice for making a smooth style transition from summer to fall.

By: Lisa Black

Another season, another hair care routine; are you ready? I don’t know about you, but I am super stoked to watch the mercury drop, even if it is just a little bit. Of course, now that the dog days of summer and their blessed friend, humidity, are on their way out, we have a whole new set of havoc-wrecking hair obstacles to combat. Never fear, though: Hair Peace Salon has a slew of tips to take you from poolside sassy to polished and classy.

COLOR TRENDS: Bolder, deeper, eye-catching tones are a fantastic way to start the fall season.

Think buttery gold, vanilla, caramels and pumpkin. And on your way back from picking up that caramel macchiato or that pumpkin latte from “that coffee shop,” stop by and book your new color appointment with one of our fabulous stylists.

Uniform and flat is “wiggity whack.” (What?) Bundle up those chocolaty warm tones, and get dimensional with color blocking and hand-blended ombres. Don’t be afraid to step out of
the “crayon” box!

Be bold with spicy auburns and fiery volcanic reds. Not sure which shade is right for you? Your colorist can show you swatches and mix up a special formula to perfectly complement your individual skin tone. Don’t be shy!

Reality check: Your new fall color should work for you. “Go big or go home” isn’t a good motto for changing your hair color. Jumping into a dramatic color change because your favorite celebrity did can be a traumatic experience if it doesn’t fit your color or your lifestyle. There are so many options for you to enhance your look with hair color. If you’re not sure what will work for you, just ask your stylist.

Good to know: Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep any color radiant. Ladies (and some gentlemen), turn down the heat on those curling and flat irons to prevent tone changes to your vibrant locks.


HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: Fierce cold wind, humidity changes, on-trend heat styling and even that perfect new wool coat can leave your hair screaming for moisture. Extra conditioning helps stave off annoying static, too, so nourish those tresses, baby!

In the salon: Try a ChemShot that’s perfectly balanced for your hair needs. It only takes a few extra minutes during your shampoo time, but you reap the benefits for up to eight shampoos.

At home: Redken and Pureology both have an amazing line of leave-in and rinse-out treatments to help you combat dry, lackluster hair. Try Redken’s Anti-Snap for all hair types, Blonde Idol BBB Spray for your golden locks or Pureology’s Color Fanatic. They each pack 21 essential benefits into one bottle. Partial to a rinse-out? Give Pureology’s Hydra Whip a go. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Good to know: Quite a few of Redken and Pureology’s conditioning treatments pull double duty: They moisturize and also protect your hair from heat styling damage. That means purchasing one product instead of two if you are trying to keep your beauty budget down.

Good to know (part two): No matter how tempted you are to save time by heading out the door with wet hair, don’t do it! The atmosphere this time year will zap that moisture right out of your locks.


TRY THIS: This is the time of year when we have more social events to attend … and they always seem to be scheduled precisely 20 minutes after a long day at work, don’t they? Want to spend less time transitioning from “hard at work” to “hard at play”? Use Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer before drying. It cuts your drying time by 50 percent, protects your hair from heat damage and gives your style the extra staying power to be, well, “pillow proof.” And if your style falls flat during the day, use a little Pillow Proof Extender. It’s a dry shampoo that will absorb extra oil and give your hair a little grab power it needs to hold.

Good to know: Stop by Hair Peace Salon, and pick up a trial size Pillow Proof for yourself or a friend. It’s a “must have” product and your new secret weapon against bad hair days – plus, it’s a perfect fit for your purse.

Kiss summer goodbye, but don’t cry. Now that you are armed with these sensational tips, just give a holler: “Happy fall, ya’ll!”

For more information, contact Hair Peace Salon at 361-851-8541, or visit the salon at 3636 S. Alameda St., Ste. K, in Corpus Christi, Texas.



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