For the Long Haul

Ryan Moore helps clients protect and make the most from their money for generations to come as a senior account executive with First Fidelity Tax and Insurance.

By: Sarah Tindall
Photos By: Edgar de la Garza

Ryan Moore says there is a time and a place for taking risks in life – but your investment portfolio is not one of them. Moore, who grew up in McQueeney, Texas, spent his youth waterskiing all over the Texas Hill Country. His dad built boats for a living, so being on the water was second nature to him. He became a world-class water-skier and even opened a boat shop and waterskiing school as soon as he graduated from high school. Taking risks out on the water was second nature to Moore, who says he loves the thrill of it all.

But when it comes to managing the money of his clients, Moore says there’s no room for risk. As a senior account executive with First Fidelity Tax and Insurance, his goal is to keep his clients’ fees to a minimum and ensure that their money is safe from variations in the stock market.

Moore helps his clients find fixed safe vehicles and other sources of long-term investment success. He has a team that ensures success from CPAs to make recommendations based on current tax law to elder attorneys who specialize in wills and trusts to protect his clients’ money for generations to come.

“I love educating people about how to protect their investments and make the most from their money,” Moore says. “I was working in my boat shop one day when Robert Dorrestijn, the principle at First Fidelity, walked in to buy a boat and asked me if I was interested in becoming one of his agents. I started working for him and never looked back. I love working with people, educating them about their options and getting the most return on their investment, so it’s been a natural fit for me.”

Moore and his staff manage everything from safe retirement planning to tax and estate planning. “I don’t like losing money,” he says. “I like making money, and that’s my top priority for each of my clients.” He does this by focusing on what he refers to as “safe accounts,” which are guaranteed. Moore sums it up this way: “If you don’t lose money, you’re going to win in the long run.”

In order to stay on top of the game, Moore says First Fidelity shops thousands of banks and insurance companies to ensure that he is offering his clients the best possible rates. He also warns investors to stay away from these two words to keep their money safe: risk and fees. Instead, he encourages seeking ways to invest money that involve tax deferment and planning techniques that protect the cash. This becomes especially important as tax rates continue to rise. “I take a life preserver and chunk it underneath my clients’ assets,” he says, “so over the long haul, I’m going to smoke other advisors.”

That attitude, as well as plenty of satisfied clients, has spelled success for Moore, who now operates out of offices in Corpus Christi, New Braunfels and San Antonio. He keeps himself cutting-edge by offering educational seminars twice a week in the area. And he’s enjoying it; working out of Corpus Christi has given him a chance to catch up with family who live in the area, as well as spend some time out on the water and take the kinds of risks he says make life worth living.


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