Conversations, Not Computers

At NavyArmy Community Credit Union, they get personal with their members.

By: Ashley Smith

Realistically, your three-digit credit score does not describe you as a person, and we recognize this. Automatic decision-making definitely does not describe NavyArmy Community Credit Union as a financial institution. Basically, money talks, but we would much rather hear what you have to say. This out-of-the-box decision-making, in regards to auto loan lending, gives us an edge when it comes to developing positive, long-lasting relationships with our members.

Need some proof? Take our midyear 2014 numbers into consideration: More than 34 percent of NavyArmy members held an auto loan with us, while the average for other Texas credit unions sat at just over 21 percent. This shows that we’re focused on opening the door for a dialogue with you instead of shutting it based on your credit score alone. The auto loans we provide are catered to you based on a detailed account not only of your current financial situation, but also of your financial past. This kind of information comes from a conversation – not a computer.

Let’s break this down to the basics. You need an automobile to make it to work every day. You need to make it to work every day in order to pay off a loan. We afford auto loans to a wider variety of people than the rest. The way NavyArmy sees it, the more financially successful you become, the more successful we become. Utilizing this type of mutualistic relationship is part of how we developed into a homegrown success story.

We prefer to go a little further than the usual assessment based on your credit score and gather your information based on these five key points:

1. Ability to repay:
Take the amount you’re asking for into sincere consideration. Will you have the means to pay it back?

2. Stability:
How long have you been at your current job? Do you switch jobs often, or do you stay with one employer for an extended amount of time?

3. Credit:
Have you been prompt with your scheduled loan payments? If you ever did have to skip a payment (hey, life happens), explain why you skipped and how many times it happened.

4. Relationship:
How long have you been a NavyArmy member? Which of our services do you use? What kind of experience have you had in managing your other financial products?

5. Collateral:
What will it cost you if you default? Tell us about everything you have on the line.

To help you get a better visualization of this steadfast belief we have in our members, take into account our current loan portfolio. It consists of 20 percent new auto and more than 27 percent used auto. That amounts to nearly half of our financial faith, and it’s in your hands in the form of transportation. One out of three vehicles in the Coastal Bend is on the road because of a NavyArmy loan. And best of all, most of those loans happened right at the dealership, saving members time and money.

There’s a good reason we’ve had a 10.7 percent member growth over the last 12 months, tripling the state norm according to a peer-to-peer analysis by Callahan & Associates. A large number of coastal residents have felt the financial gain and stability of the Eagle Ford Shale, and we’re excited to help you begin the journey to long-term financial success.

Our members are individuals who cannot be consolidated into numbers, and as a creative investor, we want to roll up our sleeves and do what we can to get you on the highway. It’s great having the seventh-largest credit union in Texas in the passenger seat, and it’s even better with you behind the wheel.

About NavyArmy Community Credit Union
NavyArmy Community Credit Union provides financial services to meet your goals, from checking and savings to auto loans and mortgages. If you live, work, worship or go to school in Aransas, Bee, Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Wells, Kleberg, Nueces or San Patricio County, you are eligible to be a member. Visit us at or call us at 361-986-4500 for more information.

For more information, contact Ashley Smith, marketing director at the NavyArmy Community Credit Union, at




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