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Are you ready for dental rehabilitation?

By: Dr. Ben Vela

Pain is quite often the primary reason for a visit to the dentist. These pain-focused visits result in dental care destined to fail due to more comprehensive problems already present, but not yet addressed. Improper bite, nighttime grinding, gum disease, older or ill-placed restorations, medical conditions, missing teeth, infections and new decay may all compromise oral health.

Many people may receive comprehensive dental care without having to affect most of their teeth. Dental rehabilitation is a higher-level dental service that requires the treatment of multiple problems at the same time in order to provide the longest-lasting dental solution available.

Dental rehabilitation generally involves the comprehensive care of all the teeth, including proper alignment and cosmetics, gum tissue, functional bite and smile, as well as treatment of dental decay. Teeth with excessive wear can be built up and lengthened in order to improve the bite and smile while increasing the longevity of restorations. Fixed restorations like crowns, bridgework and implants have extraordinary life expectancies (15-plus years) as long as the surrounding dentition is healthy and protected.

Patients in need of rehabilitation often are unhappy with their smile, have had recurring dental problems and generally have not been informed of all their options. Even if removal of all remaining teeth is necessary, new technology and techniques allow for fixed replacement and restoration utilizing dental implants. A comprehensive examination with a complete set of X-rays and diagnostic work-up is necessary prior to discussion of any treatment plan.

Dental rehabilitation can be performed in as few as three or four visits depending on the needs of the patient, with some of the longer visits utilizing sedation. With effective planning, a single-day makeover is possible to provide immediate results.

Financially, many people are unprepared for the investment required to comprehensively care for their mouth. This fear of cost leads to avoidance, further neglect and more complex needs. Dental rehabilitation runs the broadest range of treatment costs due to the multitude of options. Many dental practices have financing options available, including extended payments for patients who qualify. Some treatment may also be extended or staged so as to be more manageable financially.

Ben Vela, DDS, is the owner of Vela Dental Centers and a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. For more information or to see if you’re a candidate to restore your smile with dental implants, visit Vela Dental Southside, located at 4822 Holly Road in Corpus Christi, Texas. You may also call 361-994-4900 or go online to www.veladental.com




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