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Ethan Allen: making homes beautiful, comfortable reflections of clients in the Coastal Bend for more than 40 years

By: Liza Crain

It really can be an enjoyable experience to work with a professional designer if you want your home to be a reflection of you. We can collaborate on the design style that you want to enjoy. This look, while vibrant and exciting, is still very distinct with its fabric choices and layers of different pieces. Every piece has a purpose and is inviting to the eye.

The other point to make about this room is that all key seating in the space is brought close together for an intimate setting. The flow for your guests in and out of the room is easy. Also, when choosing the seating in the room, make sure it is both beautiful and comfortable. When building off of the key pieces in the space, you should pick pieces that enhance look. Some clients like the most current trends, but others prefer the room to be timeless. We love to do both.

Artwork is personal to most people, so you should make sure you always enjoy looking at the pieces you select. Lighting is key for the ambiance of the room in the evening. Accent tables should also be functional rather than just added for the look. Area rugs anchor the room and offer more coziness to spaces. Drapery is often added to accent the windows, so it is not overly formal or embellished as in the past. All of that said, we usually pick colors for the furniture based on a chosen wall color to really plan for a cohesive and beautiful room. They say your home is an investment, and I say so is what you put in it.

One rule to follow is to have fun during this process. It should never be daunting or frustrating. Pick colors that are pleasing to your eye and patterns that you enjoy looking at. To reiterate, take time to try your seating selections for everyday comfort. Families with young children have to make their space usable and livable – and we cannot forget that pets are family, too. The fabric choices should be taken into consideration for constant use.

This does not mean you can’t make the room true to your style. If you can imagine your room, we can design it! At Ethan Allen, you truly do become family when we venture into your project together. I enjoy meeting the client for the first time and visiting their home to start planning what room or rooms they want transformed. I really listen to their needs first and foremost before I even begin to create floor plans for the space.

It is not about just filling a room with furniture; it is about the everyday use and the enjoyment of the room. The bonus, of course, is the beauty of it in the end. We can create any look the client desires, which most people don’t know about us. We create beautiful coastal looks, luxurious ranch styles, sophisticated sanctuaries and modern lofts. We do it all.

Each home will always have its own style because we never duplicate designs. That is what I love the most about working with Ethan Allen. It allows our clients to really make selections that represent who they are, and as a designer, I get to tie the whole look together.

As a project progresses, the client can see how much time and care we place with them and their home, which creates a bond. We enjoy seeing a client come in five – sometimes even 20 – years later for some designers and tell us they are ready to do another home or another room. We especially are complimented when a client refers us to friends or family.

I truly enjoy working with Ethan Allen’s beautiful design center and my fellow extremely talented designers. I hope you will come and visit us and join the Ethan Allen family. Mr. Thompson brought Ethan Allen to this city more than 40 years ago with a clear vision. We are so grateful he did. His desire to offer such beauty and quality to our clients is clearly seen in thousands of homes and businesses all over. We hope you will visit our design center, see all of the beautiful selections we have to offer and start on your project soon.

Liza Crain studied fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, N.Y. Having worked with Ethan Allen for more than six years, she utilizes her fashion design background to enhance her work in interiors. She takes a unique approach to her projects and details them with fashionable sensibility. Crain designs a room for each individual client with their best interest at heart. She is very in tune with current trends, and she does not shy away from reinventing a client’s space. She values each client and the individual style they wish to create for their space. 

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